How to Get Out of the Friend Zone?

The words you never want to hear from a woman you are pursuing…

Let’s just be friends…

Your ego and hopes of getting intimate with her are reduced down to pretty much nothing and if you keep trying to get with her, you may lose the friendship and her all together.  It can be very frustrating and almost hopeless for many guys.

If you were to ask her if there is a chance if you were the only two on an island and she half-hardheartedly says, “maybe”

So youre telling me theres a chance

That was a rhetorical question just to show the humor of the situation.  There is definitely a chance, but you are essentially in long-term recovery mode.  When you are in “recovery mode”, it usually implies to a cold approach that same night where it may have gone good at one point, but then you essentially got off on the wrong foot and now you have to work harder than you would of have to if you gamed properly from the get go.  It is possible to turn around a “bad” set that same night, just as it is possible to get out of the friend zone, but requires more time and different tactics.

In order to get out of the friend zone, you have to do some things that may seem counter-intuitive.  You have to accept the fact that you two will have a friendly relationship… for now.  Don’t game her for a few weeks or months, depending on when you have read this article.  Don’t even initiate contact with her and if she reaches out to you, act polite and friendly to her, don’t bring the relationship back up.  Go out and game other girls.  This will help you get over her while also building abundance and options, but there is also tangible plan to this…

Once you have gamed enough girls and gotten several numbers, organize a party or event one weekend and invite all the girls you’ve been talking to, including you’re “friend”.  Invite as many female friends and cold approached females that you have.  You can invite some of your guy friends to, as long as they bring girls with them.  Preferably, you want to invite mostly your female friends and any girls outside of you’re “friend’s” social circle.

You will have instant and massive social proof and preselection when she arrives and sees that you “know” so many girls.  She hasn’t seen you in a few weeks and is wondering who you have become and why she is suddenly so attracted to you.  From here on out, just game her like you are starting over, but now you have a lot more on your side.

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