How To Get Compliance And Lead Your Girl To Sex | Part 1

Want to get laid? Then you must know how to build compliance!

Compliance is what allows you to influence people to perform certain actions and get what you want.

This can range from having a girl meet up with you for a date or going back to your place for sex.

Compliance allows you to lead the interaction towards sex with her, which is one of the ultimate forms of investment.

Sex is not the only thing that matters, but it’s key point of compliance, which is the goal for some guys and allows you to start forming a sexual relationship with her.

Whether you want to have a girlfriend or have casual relationships, you need to know how to build compliance and have sex with her.

Picture this…

hot girl holding a cocktail at a nightclub

You go to a bar one night with your buddies, and you see this hot stunner from across the room.

Assuming you don’t have approach anxiety or you know how to deal with it, you immediately walk up to her.

She’s with a few girl friends who are just as hot, but this one is just your type.

You make eye contact as you get closer to her, and you both smile at each other.

You deliver your opener and she is pretty receptive as she smiles and responds.

After about a minute of talking with her and her friends, you try to think of a reason to isolate your girl so you can be more intimate with her…

Then you remember about the cool rooftop terrace at the bar.

You enthusiastically tell her that the place has a really nice roof with an amazing view of the city, and you want to show it to her.

She tells you that sounds nice, but she can’t leave her friends…

What happened? You didn’t build enough compliance with her yet and lead correctly.

What Is Compliance?

Before you learn how to build compliance, it helps to know what compliance is.

Compliance is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the seduction community, but what is compliance?

Like I said before, compliance is what allows you to influence people to perform certain actions that you want them to do. It’s the fact of them complying to your request or command.

Compliance usually refers to getting a girl that you’re interested in to perform a certain action, but it can also apply to her friends, guys in her social circle or people in your vicinity.

Compliance builds up as you accumulate investment from the person or the group as you qualify and reward them for their good behavior.

You can then test their compliance by giving a command, suggestion or request to see if they will comply or simply start leading and guiding them to follow.

This could be taking her to the dancefloor to dance or bouncing her to another bar or diner to eat.

This is powerful as each compliance test builds up one after another and builds momentum to progress the interaction towards where you want it to go.


When you are building compliance with a girl, you are receiving investment from her.

She is putting effort into the interaction with someone she just met.

Think about how powerful this is.

Why would she be putting effort into someone she just met?

Maybe you’re attractive, charismatic or the most interesting man in the world?

the most interesting man in the world

It doesn’t matter what the reason is because you can build compliance and get investment without being any of these types of guy above…

I’ve been able to move girls around the bar or go to another venue, without doing anything special but by just offering value, fun and knowing how to lead.

I’d say something like, “Let’s go check out the other dancefloor. I’ve been listening to this same music all night” or “I have to show you something cool…”

And they usually go along with it or I’ll calibrate if they have any reservations or show any resistance, which I’ll show you how to do in this series of posts.

Even if you think you aren’t attractive, interesting, or charismatic, she will backwards rationalize and categorize you as one of these types while you are leading her and after she has sex with you.

I’m not saying it’s not important to develop these qualities.

I’m just saying that you can build compliance momentum and have her perform certain actions that a guy with these qualities would normally have her do.

Coincidentally, you will also naturally start becoming attractive, interesting and charismatic and get into interesting situations. It starts becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.


If you want her to follow you to another place or location, then it helps to have the girl’s buy-in. You don’t always have to get her bought into the idea, but it’s easy lubricator to move onto the next step.

If she WANTS to do it, then it will make it much easier for you as you don’t have to deal with objections or resistance so you can move things quickly. She will WANT to go on an ADVENTURE with you.

beautiful woman emotionally excited

There are different degrees of a girl’s buy-in and ways to trigger a specific behavior you want her to do based on her compliance level, which we’ll cover in the next section.

Get her EMOTIONALLY invested in the idea or action you want her to do. If you can do that, you can get her to follow to the ends of the earth with you… or to your bedroom.

Interaction Progression

Every interaction you have with a girl has specific waypoints that lead up to whatever you want to do with a girl.

That could either be a simple move to another spot at the bar with her, or bringing her to your table so you can introduce her to your friends. Compliance could also simply be getting her phone number.

If she’s with friends, compliance could be to move her away so you can be more intimate and kiss her without her feeling judged, or having her group of friends allow you to come back to their place for an after-party.

Eventually you’ll want to go to a private location, such as your place or a bedroom, so you can have sex with her.

These are all forms of compliance and you’ll usually need to progress from each of them to have sex with your girl.

I say usually because there are 2 types of interaction progression.

Gradual Progression

Your interaction can go through a gradual progression as you get more intimate with your girl and move her to a private location.

This is the safest type of compliance for interaction progression, but also takes longer.

If you are newer to game and learning how to attract women, then most of your interactions will follow this type of progression if you don’t usually go for riskier moves or haven’t developed your social intuition and calibration yet.

It also helps for you to learn and understand each of the progressions as you go through them so you know how to handle the different scenarios.

An example of a gradual progression could be that you’re meeting her at a nightclub at midnight while she is with her friends.

Then you gradually isolate her so you’re alone with her and kiss her. Later you might get some food or go to another bar before going back to your place.

The rate of interaction progression also depends on the type of environment you’re in, the mood she’s in, your calibration, etc.

Are you in a nightclub or 7 Eleven during the daytime?

You can generally progress faster in a nightclub than some convenience store during the daytime. Although that’s not to say you can’t progress quickly during the daytime there as well.

I was able to kiss a MILF at a Rite-Aid during the daytime with her daughter and grandmother nearby, and then go back to her place that night and close.

There was a short time-bridge in between meeting her and going to her place as she had to get ready and find a babysitter for her kids lol.

Rapid Progression

You can rapidly progress the interaction forward and maybe even skip a few steps. This usually takes more calibration and the right environment.

Rapid progression can be a lot of fun and raise the girl’s buying temperature. You can quickly move her from one end of of the bar to the other or make out with her within minutes or seconds.

You can raise her buying temperature high and rapidly escalate so you can pull her into a private sex location nearby, such as the bathroom.

It mainly depends on your calibration and how rapidly you build compliance, and I’ll show you how.

Why Build Compliance?

I feel like you already know why you should build compliance, but I’m going to explicitly break it down and maybe explain some other not-so-obvious reasons you may not know about building compliance.

Leading Her In The Interaction

Women like to be led. The masculine likes to lead and the feminine likes to follow. This is nature.

That’s not to say that there are women that like to lead and play the masculine role and lead you to sex, but that is usually not the case.

As a man, you need to take the initiative and lead the interaction. You need to take full responsibility on where the interaction goes and make her feel safe along the way.

handsome man in suit leading beautiful woman

Expecting the women to take the initiative on explicitly making sex easy for you, is irresponsible of you.

It puts enormous social pressure on her that risks her being judged as easy or a slut, and it makes you look less attractive in since you’re not making moves.

It’s your duty to take charge in a fun and playful way that will make her WANT to follow you and feel comfortable and so relieved that there’s finally a man that knows how to lead with sexual intent and energy.

Have Her Friends And Others Help You

Most women travel with a group of friends to a social outing, such as a bar or nightclub. If you are going to these places, then you need to know how to befriend her friends and they may even help you with logistics.

This will make your night and life so much easier once you do this. Instead of trying to just get her alone with you and having her friends constantly texting her and trying to find her, they will gladly leave you two alone and actually help you.

The friends may go back home or stay at the venue as you and your girl leave and say, “Take good care of her, OK?”

Even if you’re girl may have not been that into you, the fact that her friends like you so much and are complying with your request to hang out with their friend, will spark so much more attraction she will have with you due to social proof.

Being Alone With Her

You usually can’t physically escalate as much with your girl, when you are nearby her friends or in a public setting in case she feels judged.

That is why you need to make it a point to try and isolate her from her friends and other people if necessary so you are be able to kiss her or have sex with her.

Kissing Her

Kissing her is another form of compliance and is one of the waypoints that will lead towards sex with her.

Whether you do this at the same place where you met her or at some private location on the way back to sex location is up to you and her.

Some girls will not care if you kiss her in front of her friends. Others won’t do it until you two are alone or if she can’t see them.

You have to feel it out and calibrate on how she reacts to your escalation, but it’s usually safer to just shoot for isolation ASAP and kiss, in case she might feel judged or a jealous friend/cockblock/ex/etc. might come by.

I went out to a local bar on a slow night and was gaming this cute girl in front of her sisters and built massive amounts of attraction. I’d try to go for isolation once, but she wanted to wait to get a drink from her sister.

After she had been escalating heavily on me in front of her sisters, I decided to take advantage of her high BT and kiss her in front of her sisters.

Shortly later, I told the sisters if I could borrow her sister for a bit, and they agreed, as I pulled the sister into the bathroom.

Having Sex With Her

This is the obvious reason to get compliance, but it bears repeating for other reasons. You’re getting compliance to pull a girl into a sex location where she consciously or subconsciously allows the possibility of sex to occur. Think about it…

Even though, she most likely knows what’s up on some level, she will use plausible deniability and not explicitly agree to have sex with you. Of course if you encounter any form of resistance, you should stop and take a step back.

If she responds positively with her body or behavior then continue. Her actions speak louder than her words.

Sometimes, they may outright say that she wants to go home with you, but that’s usually not the case.

There was this girl in Vegas that was walking around this club called XS by herself and I opened her. I was able to make-out with her within a minute. I then moved her around the club and we continued to escalate on each other.

man and woman dancing in club

I knew she was DTF and I had a good feeling that I didn’t need to really seed the pull, so I just asked her, “You want to get out of here?” She nodded and I started walking her out of the club and drove her back at the place I was staying.

If she would have given any sort of resistance, I would have then calibrated and build some more comfort, move her around the venue more and seed the pull to go back to my place, or bounce to another venue near where I was staying.

I don’t usually use that line anymore because it can be risky and unnecessary as I can seed the pull without putting too much pressure on her.

You can cast a much wider net by being more subtle with pulling and simply leading as you get compliance.

Compliance is a key component of game and now you know what it is and why you should be getting compliance from her. In the next part of this post, I’ll show you exactly how you get compliance and lead up to sex with her.

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