How To Be Spontaneous And Kiss Her With A Selfie!

Kissing solidifies attraction. You risk falling into the friend zone if you don’t kiss her. Lots of guys are unsure when to make the move and risk being rejected or embarrassed. They either awkwardly go in for the cliche kiss at the end of the date or don’t make a move at all.

There are ways I like to escalate and build up to the kiss, but there is one technique that works like a charm. One night I decided to experiment with this idea and noticed I got great results. I’ve replicated it many times in field and taught a few of my wings to test it’s validity and it works. I am about to share with you one of my most effective kiss closing techniques.

Selfie Kiss Close

The selfie has been growing in popularity with the advent of cameras on smartphones. People love to share these self-photos of themselves with everybody on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and pretty much any other social media platform. Girls LOVE taking selfies, especially when they put on the effort to look good when they go out. Just take a look at these self-loving women taking selfies in the club.

Women appreciate the compliments and comments they get, whether in person or virtual. The more likes and comments they receive online, the more validation they get and the better it makes them feel. Girls are not necessarily narcissistic, but most hot girls do love the attention.

The selfie kiss close is a fun experience that utilizes this innate quality in women and puts them in the present moment to initiate the routine and build compliance towards the kiss. This works especially well when you have already built enough attraction and spiked BT when you start the routine. It is done very smoothly and feels very spontaneous. I’ve gotten countless kisses using this. Here are the steps for the selfie kiss close.

1. Spike Buying Temperature

This routine can start anytime during the interaction where the energy is high enough to “capture the moment”. If you go into the set and she is really receptive and friendly, calibrate and you may be ready to start it now. For example, if you give a girl a high-five on the open and she gives a big smile and latches onto your hand, you can escalate faster than normal. Sometimes you may even be able to kiss right there and then without the selfie technique

Other times you may have to build some attraction first and then spike her buying temperature (BT). This basically involves ramping up the positive and fun energy extremely high in the interaction. When you have gotten enough rapport, be very enthusiastic and say things like, “Oh my God! You guys are so adorable! I love your energy!” Girls love it when you talk about having good energy.

You could give them all a side hug where you put your arm over their shoulders and bring them in for a group hug. Sometimes I kiss them on the cheeks or forehead while bringing them in. This can also be done with just one girl. This kiss on the forehead or cheek will spike up their BT further. Once the energy has reached it’s climax, it’s time to move forward.

2. “Let’s Take A Selfie!”

You can just smile and enthusiastically say, “Let’s take a selfie!” If done right, like 95% of girls will take a selfie. There is a small percentage that don’t like taking selfies or maybe camera shy. If she doesn’t want to take selfie, then continue to play the game and build put to the kiss. Otherwise if she’s down to take the selfie, move on to the next step!

3. Neutral / Funny Selfie

Ideally, you will want to use her phone if she has a good camera for a selfie. I’ll explain why later. The first selfie I like to take is the neutral or funny selfie where we both look at the cameras and do a regular smile or give a funny face. The funny face can be like you flirting with the camera or having a goofy or duck face. I usually like the mirror whatever the girl is doing and vibe with her or sometimes she will mirror me. I may take more than one neutral or funny selfie where we pose with different faces.

4. Have Her Kiss Your Cheek

You’re starting to build compliance with her and not you’re ready for the next selfie. After you’ve taken at least 1 neutral or funny selfie, tell her to kiss you on the cheek. Here is where you can gauge her attraction or interest level towards you. If you’ve done everything right, 99% of the time she will kiss you on the cheek.

couple-kiss-cheek-selfieIf she puckers her lips and hovers over your cheek but doesn’t kiss you, she isn’t ready to be kissed yet, so stop the routine here and go back to gaming her some more and try to kiss her later with a different technique. If she kisses you on the cheek, great! Now you’re ready for the next selfie.

5. Kiss Her Cheek

Here is another compliance test. You will turn towards her and can try to kiss her or just go for the cheek. Going for the kiss is more ballsy and can work. Sometimes she may not be ready yet, so you will just kiss her on the cheek. I usually like to go for the kiss on the cheek first to reciprocate for her kissing me on the cheek and to build more compliance, but it is possible to kiss her right here and then.

6. The Kiss

After she’s kissed you on the cheek and you’ve kissed her on the cheek, you’re going to say to her, “Face me.” 9 times out of 10, she will turn towards you and you both will kiss. Boom! You’ve kissed her with a selfie. This usually works even if she is in front of her friends because she is such in the moment.

COUPLE-SELFIE-KissIf she doesn’t face you for a kiss, no big deal, you already demonstrated attraction and showed your intentions. She may not just be ready yet so just continue to game her and there will a higher chance you will kiss later. Try isolating her and then qualifying and escalating to the kiss.

Now I’ll explain why you will want to use her phone for the selfie. If I used her phone to take the selfie, I will then send the photo(s) to my phone via text. That way I also number close her. You’re hitting two birds with one stone with this one!

If I used my phone, I may ask her which one was her favorite and then text her that photo so I can still get her number. The first option is better because she is the one sending the photo first, which shows more investment even though you are the one that orchestrated it. Psychologically, it looks like she is putting more effort in first through text.

Well there you have it! You now posses the selfie kiss closing technique. I’ve only taught this to a few people I know, but now I’m sharing to the public. Hopefully this won’t get too popular the girls start catching on 😉 Use this tool wisely and make sure to carry extra breath mints!

You may also do a video version of this. YouTube star, LAHWF, actually made a kissing selfie surprise “prank” video where he kisses random people on the cheek. This is not a pickup video but it shows the effectiveness using the selfie to spike up the energy and escalate. The last girl in the video was actually hoping for more and he could have kissed her sooner. “But first, let me take a #selfie…”

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