How To Be Accepted Into The Group And Be Liked By Her Friends?

being accepted by her friendsWe all want to be accepted by someone. How would we feel if we were all alone? It makes us feel connected and valued when other people accept us and enjoy being around us. Sometimes it’s hard being accepted into a new group when they don’t know or trust you. If you are attracted to a girl within a group of her friends, you need to be accepted and welcomed by them before you can properly game her. How can you be liked by her friends?

Provide Unconditional Value

You have provide value in some way to the group and you have to do it where you don’t expect anything in return. Sure you could provide superficial value and run “routines” and get some results, but it won’t be nearly as effective when you are genuine, authentic and in the moment.

Providing unconditional value is similar to having unconditional love for everybody. It may not be easy to feel that at first. Depending on my mood, I still have trouble feeling this for complete strangers, but the more you provide value without expecting anything, you start to see good things in people and it will become easier. People will love your presence and know you are a fun and positive person. What are some ways you can provide value?

Fun, Positive, High Energy

If you go in at a lower energy than the group and bring them down, they will not want you to stay for long. You’ll be lucky if they even acknowledge you. You need to go in at the same energy or slightly higher than they are.

fun energyBe on the same frequency or wavelength as them and you will be able to connect with them easier. Keep things light and playful and don’t be a Debbie Downer. Have fun and don’t take things too seriously.


Humor is one of the most powerful ways to be liked by someone and is also an attraction trigger for women. If you can make them laugh, put them at ease, release their stress you can release all tension and have them want you to be around.

If you are naturally a funny guy, use that ability to your advantage and create some humor. If you’re not naturally funny, you can learn how to be funny. Don’t worry the more you practice and get in more situations you’re in and get comfortable, you will able to be more quick witted and humorous. An easier way than being funny is breaking rapport. You can also create laughter and attraction with women.

friends laughing

Connections and Introductions

If you can connect people with each other, they will grateful to you and feel they need return the favor somehow. The reason this is, is because people are naturally reluctant to meet new people as they don’t want to be judged and rejected.

But, if you could provide a valuable connection, whether it be business, personal, or romance, they will “love” you. Merge sets you have opened throughout the night or introduce your friends to new sets.

Bring hot girls to a rich guy’s table, he will let you talk to his hot friends and will always hook you up. Having girls with you will also give you preselection and other people will be more open to you and sometimes they will even approach you!

You can also have someone in the group you have already built rapport with to introduce you to the group and get a warm approach and solidify yourself in set.


Flattery will get you everywhere… if it’s authentic. Don’t be giving out compliments like they are worth nothing. Have some value for your opinions and be genuinely interested in the other person. Compliment on something they have worked hard for or put effort into. Their accomplishments, style, etc., but don’t compliment their physical beauty or something they haven’t earned. They will appreciate it much more.

Also don’t give a compliment for a compliment. If somebody says to you, “Nice shoes”, then don’t say “Thanks, you too” or “Thanks, nice hair.” That’s not genuine and they will know you’re just being “polite”. Don’t be polite, be real. Reward them by saying something like, “Thanks, you have nice taste…” or just say “Thanks…” then transition into another topic and qualify them. If it’s a girl, you can also reward their compliment by doing some escalation to the amount of investment she has given.


People like people who are like themselves. This is where friendships are based on. Find something you have in common and talk about it to build a stronger connection. Whether it would be characteristic traits, experiences, knowledge, accomplishments and even feelings! So even if you don’t have a direct commonality, you can also put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would feel and qualify them on that.The-Human-Commonalities

Those are some ways you can provide value to the group and be accepted and welcomed to the group. Always bring positive energy into the group and match or elevate their mood. Have the group laughing by being funny or by breaking rapport to also build attraction with women. Connect and introduce people together to create everlasting connections. Finally, provide genuine compliments and find commonalities and you’ll be friends with everybody and attract the girl you want. What are some other ways you can become part of the group?


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