Hot Doctor Wants The D | Part 2

hot doctor 2I was driving back from a meeting I had with my mentor, Luke, when I randomly got a text from a hot doctor I approached several weeks ago. She had just left the Cosmopolitan and wanted to meet up after she called me. We agreed to meet up back at her place nearby.

Luke and I had to finish doing an errand first before he could drop me off at her apartment.. I then get a call from her about 10 minutes later. Luke tells me that we should be at her place in 7 minutes. I picked up the phone and she she says, “Hey babe…” I then tell her that I’ll be there in 7 minutes.

She then said, “OK, I was just here waiting for you in the parking lot so I could walk up with you, but I guess I’ll just wait for you inside.” It would have been good to walk with her up, but I wouldn’t be at her place for another few minutes. I asked her if she added me to the list and she said she did.

Luke and I then began driving back to her place. I get a text from her saying that she was hungry and asking what I wanted to eat if she ordered anything. I didn’t really want anything, but I asked where she was ordering from, and she said Thai unless I had a better idea. I didn’t respond because I was almost there anyway. Then she sends me a screenshot of what she was going to order.

Doctor Text 11
She must be hungry… hungry for the D.

I arrived at the gate of her luxury apartment and tell them my name. The guard then confirms the apartment number I’m heading too, and I nod my head (I didn’t know). I ask to confirm if he could tell me the name of the person staying of the apartment number (so I at least I can remember her name). He shows me the list and it says and I get her name. He asked me if this is correct, and I just nodded (I had no idea). At least now I knew her name.

The guard points me in the direction of tower she is staying in and tells me which floor. I said thanks and was on my way. I go through the glass swivel door to her tower and make my way to the elevators. I take the elevator up to her floor.

I come to the front her apartment door and it is a crack open. I assumed she left it cracked open on purpose for me to come in, but I still knocked just to make sure and be polite.

I hear her say loudly in an exaggerated cute voice, “Just a minute!” She then says a few seconds later in a coy voice like she knows it’s me, “Who is it?” I then said something light and playful back like “It’s Will. Will.I.Am.”

She then opens the door with a big smile and I see her wearing a black robe that is barely covering her large breasts. She looked way better than the last time I saw her at Wynn.  Her hair straightened and she had some makeup on this time and had much more revealing clothing.

With a big smile she said, “Hi!” I smile back and say, “Hi!” I walk through the door and was about to go in for a kiss and hug, but she went back to close the door. She playfully said, “You know, the door was open.” I then said, “Yea I know, but I wanted to be polite.”

She then closes the door and turns around with a big smile and I go in to hug her and try to kiss her on the lips. I think I only got the corner of her lips because she wasn’t expecting it and turned her cheek slightly assuming I was going for her cheek. I always go for the kiss on the lips on the meet for a day 2 as it sets the right frame from the beginning.

I then walk around her place for a bit and towards her balcony and see she has a nice view of her pool facing the other towers and part of the strip. I walk around to get comfortable and get a feel for how much comfort and attraction she had with me before I started escalating. I told her that she had a nice place and she said thanks.

I then sit down on her couch in her living room and then she sits down next to me. I then tell her that I used to live at the other luxury apartment a few blocks away that shared a similar name.

She then looks slightly impressed or delighted and playfully said, “Oh nice! How does it feel to downgrade and come here? Hehe.” I then give a small laugh and I said something like, “I was a little worried coming to the ghetto, but I think I feel safe here.” and she laughed.

She sat really close to me, had her arm around me and leaned against me. I could see her big tits almost popping out of her black robe. She had the TV on and we watched something for a few seconds.

She then looked at me with a big smile and said, “Hey Will!” She was obviously happy for me to be there and wanted to re-engage and most likely wanted me to start escalating. I could have escalated but I just said, “Hey!”

We talked for a bit and she asked if I was a James Bond fan. I said sure, then she asked again as she got up from the couch and started walking towards the TV and playfully said, “OK, there are people who say they are James Bond fans but they really aren’t and then there are real James Bond fans, so which one are you?” I then said, “Well, I like James Bond but I don’t know everything about him.”

She then said, “OK, do you know (such and such)?” I don’t remember the name she said. I then said, no and she told me it was the creator of James Bond or the name of some guy whom James Bond was based of off. She then puts on a show of the from the real life character on Netflix and we start watching it and she sits down and cuddles up next to me where she leans her head on my chest and shoulder.

After about a minute here (and about 10 minutes of me walking through her door), she slowly looks up at me, closes her eyes slowly and I look down at her as she leans in and kisses me.

We start making out for a few seconds and I had some gum in my mouth then we swap the gum while kissing. She then said, “Ewww!” and and we both laugh. A slight state break so she sticks out her tongue and I take the gum out and throw it away.

I then sit back down next to her and she cuddles up against me as we continue watching the show. After about a minute we start making out again. Then she stops, smiles and says, “I had a smoke not too long ago, I should probably brush my teeth.” and she gets up and goes to her bathroom and brushes her teeth. Another state break, but I knew that this lay was guaranteed so I just had to be patient (no pun intended lol).

She comes back and sits down next to me. We watch the show for a little more and start making out again. This time, I start massaging her breasts and doing some foreplay. I then start rubbing her pussy outside of her panties and then start fingering her while making out. I then remove her panties and continue fingering her as I start removing my pants and boxers. I then put on a condom and start fucking her on her couch. After a few minutes she turns around and we start doing doggy style.

After we finish, I put on my boxers on and we cuddle on the couch. The Thai food comes a few minutes later and she answers the door with her robe and and bra on. The delivery guy probably got a good tip from her. She starts serving herself and asked if I wanted anything. I told her that I just had a big meal and she said that I should have a bite, but I just sat down on her couch.

We finished the first episode of the “Real” James Bond show and then we started putting something else on. We ended up putting on House of Cards starting from the first season and episode. She said she loved the show, especially because she used to live in DC and knows the culture there.

We start watching and she’s eating her food. After she finishes her food, I start getting horny again and start making out with her. She laughs and says that her mouth must be spicy. I then start doing some foreplay and start taking off our clothes, but she stops me, takes my hand and says, “Come here…” as she leads me to her bedroom.

She then goes on her bed and I finish taking off my clothes and put on a condom and start fucking her again from behind. I turn her on her back and fuck her there for a few minutes. She then wants to switch positions and gets up on top of me and says, “Hey there…” We start fucking again while she is riding me cowgirl style.

After I finish, I then get some water as she takes a nap on her bed. I then come back and start cuddling next to her to build comfort. I get horny again after a few minutes and start fucking her again from behind.

After I finish again, I start getting hungry so I go back to the living room and start serving myself some Thai food and watch some more House of Cards. A few minutes later, she comes to the living room and she sits down next to me.

We talked for a bit and I asked her what she was doing that day and she said that her and some of her girl friends went to Cosmo for a Bloody Mary, but it ended up with them having a few more shots. That explains the random text and call out of the blue. The alcohol ealrlier in the day was definitely a catalyst for tonight. It’s always good to game as much as possible and number close when you need to if you can’t go for a SNL/SDL and possibly have them booty call you or day 2 with them later.

I asked her what her plans were for later and she said that she might go to OMNIA, but she’s not sure. She said that her friend knows a bartender there but she was too tired to go out. I told her that I might go to OMNIA and she said that she’ll look for me if she goes.

I then finish my food and thought about leaving soon (it was around 8PM) because I still wanted to get some work done and go out later that night to OMNIA for Tuesday. I text my friend to see what he was up to and see if he could pick me up, but I didn’t get a response back. I thought about having the doctor drop me back off at Wynn where I left my car, but I knew she was tired and comfortable laying on her couch.

I then ask her if she could call a cab for me downstairs. She calls me a cab from the front desk and then I give her a hug and try to give her a kiss. She said, “Thanks for coming over.” and I said, “Thanks for the Thai food.” I then leave her place and she said to give her updates from OMNIA.

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