Hot Doctor Wants The D | Part 1

hot doctorI forgot to post about this lay from Vegas a few weeks ago but decided to tell you guys about it now while it is still somewhat fresh in my mind and it is pretty interesting. I met her a few months ago out in one of the bars in the casino while working with some students and number closed her. It was a super quick interaction and nothing really eventful happened and didn’t think much of it.

Totally forgot about her over the week as I’m gaming other girls but then she continually reaches out to me on meeting up until we eventually did meet up recently. It just goes to show you that you can plant the seeds while you’re gaming a lot of girls and not see any obvious signs of attraction or interest until you randomly get booty calling from them asking for the D. Here is how the set began…

It was mid July, 2015 and getting towards the end of the night while I was training a few students in Vegas. While my students were in set, I saw this hot girl at the edge of the bar of Eastside Lounge Bar at Encore. I opened her with a compliment but she wasn’t receptive at all. She actually broke rapport with me by accusing me of trying to roofy her LOL.

She was giving me not clear signs of inters and her body language was completely closed off the whole interaction as she was facing the bar. Regardless of the lack of interest she was giving me, I continued to stay in stand keep gaming her. She was actually part of a 2 set and sitting next to her girl friend who was visiting Vegas but her friend was busy talking with some foreigners who were also visiting Vegas. She wasn’t qualifying herself much to me, but I eventually found out my girl is a local doctor in Vegas.

I stayed in set for about 10 minutes and I number closed her on meeting up for drinks. She saved my number on her phone first and asked for my full name. I don’t remember what exactly happened next but somehow I got her number but I didn’t get her name on her phone. I think she told me her name but it was an uncommon one so I forgot it and then she left with her friend.

I texted her, “Great meting you – are you always this friendly” and she replied back with, “Yes” I didn’t really think much of then and thought it wasn’t really a solid number because there wasn’t much escalation and I was already on to the next set. I didn’t get her name so I simply saved her name as “Doctor Lv ??” LOL.

Doctor Text 1
First text thread. I eventually found out her name so I blurred it out.  I also changed the emoji and categorize girls with the dancing emoji ??in their contact name after I lay them.

She texted me back a few days later with, “R u gone?” in the late evening. She might have thought I went back to New York or New Jersey since I told her that I was from there but I was currently working in Vegas. I called her back that night to see about meeting up because a text sent that late out of the blue is a good candidate for a booty call.

We built up a little more rapport over the phone and I told her that I was still in Vegas. We set up time for drinks the next night, on Monday, because she was busy that night on Sunday. I then sent a ping text on Monday to confirm the date with, “How’s your Monday ?”

Doctor Text 2She responded back but then asked for a rain check for the date. I then texted, “OK when are you free ?” She texted back that maybe we could do the next day or the weekend because she works Wednesday through Friday. I then asked, “Let’s do tomorrow at 7pm ?” but she didn’t reply back until a couple days later. I might have asked for too much in one text and should have confirmed the date first and then the time.

Anyway, we texted back a few times back and forth with her initiating most of the texts. I had a chance to meet her a couple times, but I was busy training the students. There was a couple times near the end where I probably could have pushed for a meet, but my text game was a little sloppy.

Doctor Text 3 Doctor Text 4 Doctor Text 5 Doctor Text 6 Doctor Text 7 Doctor Text 8 Doctor Text 9Doctor Texts 10She then texted me out of the blue in September, with just “Hi” I was driving with my mentor, Luke, as we were discussing business and game. I then texted her “What’s up ?” She texted, “Where u?” I sent her “Just left meeting – you ?” I then get a call from her and I answer.

I pick up the phone on speaker and I said, “Hey girl!” She then said, “Hey! What are you doing?” I told her that I just got from a meeting and driving back to the strip and I asked her what she was up to. She said that she just left the Cosmo.

We talked for about a minute and then I asked, “Cool want to meet up?” She said, “Sure, where?” I said, “Let’s go to your place.” She said, “OK.” I then asked where she lived and she broke rapport with me by saying, “You know where I live!” I think we spoke about where she lived the first time on the phone, but I didn’t remember.

I asked her to send me her address, and she told me the street intersections and told me she lived in this luxury apartment that I recognized. I then tell her that I will see her soon. Find out what happens next in the next part of this lay report

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