Happy New Year! Epic And Quick 20 Minute Pull!

Happy New Year! I had a great New Year’s and I hope you did as well! I want to share with you this fun lay report from New Year’s. I celebrated at a house party and then headed out to a club right before midnight.

I got invited to this club to celebrate with some new friends I met a week ago. They were cool, had a table and a lot of hot girls were in the group, so why not? Plenty of social proof to start the night and New Year off right!

Social Circle Building

So I met this group at another club last Sunday. Every Sunday this club throws an event called Salsa Sunday where they give out free Salsa lessons. This time there was free entry and free FOOD!

So for me it was a no brainer to go check out the place and meet new people. There were bound to be other’s who shared my interest in Salsa. Sure enough, there were a lot of people and the ratio was amazing.

This was probably the best club in NJ I’ve seen so far with the hottest girls and this was on a Sunday! The girls were model quality. It reminded me of the hot girls back in Vegas and New York…

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. However, my main goal was to build a social circle to regularly go out with and have preselection. One of my mentors, Michael Sartain, does this and has hot girls give warm introductions.

I opened these 2 hot tall blondes by the buffet. They were really friendly. I asked them who they were there with and they told me they were with a bunch of girls at a table, and they wanted to introduce me to them.

Of course, I agreed and we walked over with our food. I got introduced and built rapport with all the girls. Later I got introduced to a guy that was friends with some of the girls. He was really cool and welcoming as well.

I danced and built attraction with all of them. They were all new Salsa dancers. I know Salsa well and have entered competitions, so of course I used that to my advantage by leading them and teaching some moves.

I danced with a bunch of other girls around the club to build more preselection and attraction. Every time I came back to the table, the girls at the table were complimenting me and showing me lots of interest.

I escalated just enough with the girls to keep them engaged and attracted. I wanted to give the hint of some sexual possibility between us but I was careful not go for the kiss with any of them or heavily grind on them.

I wanted to friend-zone them because the girls will be much more useful as preselection. They can introduce me to their other girlfriends so I could further expand my social circle or hookup with one of their friends.

New Year’s Lay

I kept in contact with one of the girls and the guy and got invited out to party with them on New Year’s Eve. I arrived outside the club and met up with some of them in line. There was a new girl and guy there as well.

We were talking and waiting in line for a few minutes until 2 of the other girls I met on Sunday arrived. We greeted each other enthusiastically with a hug and kiss on the cheek.

One of the girls had a table and she spoke with the guys at the rope and got us to skip the line. It’s good when you have friends who have tables 🙂 We got lead towards our table at the other end of the club.

The table had a great location right in front of the main bar and had a lot of traffic. Nice! We got settled in as they started bringing out our bottles. I decided to walk around the club to explore and pre-open some sets.

I went back to the table and saw that another girl I met from Sunday just arrived and she screamed out my name to get my attention. I greeted her and I hanged with the group for a few more minutes until the ball dropped.


When the ball finally dropped, we all yelled “Happy New Year!” and I hugged and kissed all the girls on the cheeks and I hugged or shook hands with the guys.

I knew I could have gone for the kiss on the lips with at least one of the girls, but still wanted to keep them in that friendzone frame.

After hanging out a bit more at the table and dancing with the girls, I decided to walk around the club to continue opening more sets. I then noticed they were serving hot food near the entrance.

Opening The Set

I started eating some food and I opened a girl as she was grabbing some food and walking away. I lightly grabbed her forearm and told her that she shouldn’t eat that.

She stopped and looked at me and her food and asked why. I broke rapport and told her something negative about it. Then her other friend (let’s call her Jade) came close to us and asked us what’s going on.

I tell her that I’m telling her friend (let’s call her Tammy) not to eat that food because it’s terrible. Jade laughed and started getting closer to me and now I had my arm around her lower back.

I told Tammy that the pizza is better. As I continued to break rapport with Tammy, I told Jade to help me convince her friend to stop eating that. Jade got closer and started escalating with her hand on my back.

I then slowly started glazing my hand over her ass and grabbing it.

sexy ass grab

I could tell she was getting turned on by this because she was starting to grab my ass too. However, I didn’t want to validate her too much so I took my hand off of her and continued talking to Tammy.

Jade then took her hand off my lower back. I continue talking to Tammy and face away from Jade. Then a few seconds later, Jade started glazing her hand over my crotch and grabbed my dick.

She’s chasing hard and super DTF now.

I continued to nonchalantly speak to them as she’s grabbing my dick right in front of her friend. Jade asks me where my friends are at. I tell them that we have a table nearby.

Moving The Set

I continued and said I’ll introduce them but they have to act cool and not embarrass me. I then lead my girl over to the table by the wrist and her friend follows behind.

I walk up near the table and stop just short of introducing them. I talk to Jade first because some my friends weren’t at the table yet and I wanted to wait until I introduce her to the friends that I have more rapport with first.

Jade comes up close to me and front of our bodies are pretty much making full contact but we don’t kiss because I didn’t want to kiss her in front of her friend. I then saw one of the girls I had a lot of rapport.

I introduced them to her and my friend friendly towards them. I thought about pouring them a drink, but it would have slowed the momentum and sexual vibe I had already with my girl.

Isolating Her

Now it’s time isolate. I told Jade that we are going to dance and I led her to the dance floor. I brought her to the center of the dance floor and started to grind with her.

She quickly started escalating on me by bringing me close to her and grabbing my hair and back. After about a minute of grinding with her, her friend left us and my girl starts making out with me.

I break away after a few seconds but she kept going in for the makeout a few times. She starts putting her hand down my pants and grabs my dick. When a girl doesn’t let you de-escalate and keeps grabbing your dick…

Those are pretty good signs she’s ready to be pulled. There was a lot of wind blowing on the dance floor from the ceiling so I told my girl that it was getting too cold and windy and that we should go someplace else.

I then lead her to towards the front entrance of the club and she keeps grabbing my dick as I walk in front of her. We then get near the front door and she stops me and says that she can’t leave the club and her friends.

Car Pulling

I nonchalantly tell her that we’ll be right back. She asks me where are we going. I tell her we are going outside to cool off. She then asks me if I want to fuck her. I then tell her that we are going on an adventure.

She laughs and asks again if I want to fuck her and to tell her if that’s I what I want to do. I don’t respond, but she continues, “Well, I can’t leave because my friend has my ID.” I then tell her to go get her ID.

She says that her friends won’t let her leave. I then calmly repeat that she should tell her friends that we’ll be right back. Then Tammy finds us and says that she was looking for us. Good timing?

Jade then asks her if she has her phone and ID. Tammy nods and Jade asks her to give it back to her. She was a little reluctant at first, but then gave it to Jade, and asks her if she’s coming back.

Jade confirms that she will. Tammy says that she will freak out if she doesn’t come back. I then calmly talk to the friend and tell her that we’ll be right back. The friend then says, “OK be back and in 20 minutes.”

We both agree. She then says, “Have fun you two!” Perfect. You just need to build comfort and trust with her friends and they’ll let you isolate with their friend.

We start walking outside of the club. I thought about grabbing my jacket back at my table in case I wouldn’t come back. My girl said she lived nearby and it would be more comfortable having sex with her at her place.

However, I didn’t want to grab my jacket and cause a state break. It would also be obvious that I was leaving with a girl in front of my group of friends I had at the table and I didn’t want to make her feel judged.

She didn’t have a jacket on as well so I asked her if she had a jacket inside. She said she did and that’s why she needs to come back. Perfect, I then tell her that I have my jacket back inside too and we’ll come back.

My car was parked at the parking lot at Kmart, which is literally right next to the club. As we are walking towards my car, she asks me where we are going. I tell her that we are going on an adventure.

She asks where that is. I tell her that we are going to my car. She asks me if I have a condom. I tell her of course. She says good. No plausible deniability here lol.

We get to my car and I unlock it. We talk for a few seconds outside of the car. I then give a justification for complete isolation by telling her that it’s getting cold and we should get inside the car.

I still wasn’t sure at this point if I wanted to go back to her place or fuck in the car so I wasn’t sure which door to open for her. She asked me if we are getting in the front seat or back seat.

I took this as a clue and sign that we should fuck in the back seat.

I opened the back seat and had her go in first. I locked the doors and pulled the front seats up to get more room. I was worried if I would break the state and trigger LMR at first by doing this.

She even said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ve never done something like this.” Fortunately, once I started escalating, making out and fingering her, there was no resistance. She started taking my pants off.

She told me to put a condom on and then glorious times.

sex in backseat of car

We then spoke and hanged out for a few minutes in the back seat and she kept grabbing my dick a few times. She says she’s never done anything like this. I ask her when did she know we were going to have sex.

She said when she noticed how hard my dick was when she felt it at the club and that it was a big turn on. After a few minutes she said she had to go back to her friends so we got dressed and we got out.

I was going to walk her in but I couldn’t find my car keys so I tried to look for them in the car but she kept walking to the club to not have her friends worry. I eventually found my keys but she was already inside.

I went back to the table of my friends and the girls were dancing and excited to see me again. One of the girls said she had a cute single friend that she wanted to introduce me to. Perfect.

I met her and she was really open and receptive. The power of the warm introduction is great because most of the work is already done once the girl sees how much rapport you have with her friend.


The club was scheduled to be open to party until 5am, which is awesome because NJ clubs and bars usually close by 2 or 3 am. But, around 3am, a fight broke right in front of our table! Just had sex and now a show lol.

Fortunately, I didn’t recognize anyone in our group that was part of the scuffle. Some guy lunged in with a superman punch to someone’s face! There was also some girls wrestling and pulling each other’s hair. Wild lol.

superman punch

They started escorting a big group out that was part of the fight. What an interesting New Year’s lol. However, due to the fight, the club decided to have people be out by 4am. We were planning where to go to next.


We all decided to have an after-party back at one of our guy’s place, which was literally a few blocks away. Great logistics! A few other new guys that we met came with us back to house after the club closed.

One of the girls already left so the ratio was OK now with 4 girls and 6 guys. I was still undecided if I wanted to close any of the girls within the social circle.

Close the new girl or continue to expand my social circle?

My mentor, Mike, uses social circle building as a farming strategy as opposed to cold approaching, which is more of a hunting strategy. This allows him to get access to a lot more hot girls in the long term with less effort since he’s already got a lot of rapport and comfort with the friends.

The house had 2 good private sex locations and one that wasn’t too great but doable. The best one was the only bedroom, but I didn’t consider that an option as I didn’t want to use this guy’s room I’ve only known a week.

The other decent location was the bathroom. The worst one was the walk-in pantry/closet in the kitchen because the door was semi-transparent with the grooves of the door, but it was dark inside with the lights off.

One of the guys spent most of the time at the after-party with the new girl I got introduced to. One of the girls passed out on the sofa. So it was like 5 free guys talking with the 2 girls.

It was actually 4 free guys because the host of the after-party was friends with all the girls and not looking to hookup. I danced and talked with the 2 girls and just partied with them.

I could tell they were more interested in me than the other guys, but decided to just keep them in the friendzone as it would payoff later.

Strengthening Social Circle

Nobody ended up hooking up at the after-party but we all decided to meet up again for Salsa Sundays. I number closed one of the other girls and friended her on FaceBook.

The more mere-exposure and social proof I have through mutual friends and tagged photos, the easier it will be to build up my social circle. It was great New Years and I made some new friends and got laid lol.

If I ever go back to to this club, I also have a nearby place to have an after-party to pull girls to. I met some cool girls that are fun to hang out with that will also help me meet new people.

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