Good Wingmen Open For Their Friends

wingman jet“I need a wing” your friend whispers to you at the bar. You look at him and say, “Sure, where?” He looks over to the corner and says, “That 2 set.” Without thinking, you ask, “You want me to open?” He nods and says yes. You walk over and feel good that you’re helping out your wing. With a big smile and lots of positive energy, you open the set and it hooks. Your friend patiently waits for his cue to come in. When you know the set is ready, you signal him to come in and you introduce him and now you both are in mini isolation with your girls. That is a true friend and wingman.

You should always be there and willing to help out your buddies. You are giving them a lot of value and they will return the favor. This is especially true if your friend or wingman has a lot of approach anxiety and feels uncomfortable opening. They just need to get past that initial fear and then they will feel like their friend is just introducing them to his friends. It’s a warm and friendly introduction. They are no longer strangers, but new acquaintances.

This happened to me the other night when I was out with some friends and new acquaintances in the city. I hadn’t seen my friend in a while and he introduced me to some of his friends. We all celebrated starting out our night by getting some shots. After we had our drinks, my friend’s friend asked one of us to wing for him. Without thinking, I agreed and asked where was the set he was talking about. He was just an acquaintance as I just met this guy, but I knew if helped him out, we would become friends because we are working towards a mutual goal. Plus I was excited to start gaming.

I opened the set by complimenting one of the girls and it hooked great. I quickly broke rapport with both of them to build some attraction and bring up their energy. I usually wait a little longer before I would bring in a wing, but I could tell that I had hooked them just to bring him in so he could talk to one girl while I game the other. It worked.

We were both in mini isolation. His girl couldn’t see mine and my girl couldn’t see his as their backs were turned away from each other, but my new friend and I could see each other. My friend started escalating quickly with hugs and getting close to her. He seemed to be doing fine, while I was still qualifying my girl to get investment.

Unfortunately, he left set pretty early for some reason. Either he blew himself out or he just felt uncomfortable staying in. I then had to switch my attention to both girls and game both of them. They were both enjoying my company and I was building attraction with both of them. I eventually had to isolate my girl so I could properly escalate, so either I had to recruit a new wing or something had to change.

friends party bar

Luckily, their group of friends arrived and they greeted each other and introduced me. I was now “part of the group” since I had been building rapport with the first 2 girls for awhile. I continued to give out good energy to whole group and build rapport and trust with them. The friends were catching up with each other so then I decided to game the new girl that came in as she was cuter anyways and wasn’t really talking to the whole group. In the end, it worked out fine because I got isolation with one of the girls as the group dynamics changed and had somebody to occupy the friends. Logistics weren’t right for a SNL, but I number closed her to see her again while she was visiting.

Some wings my leave as soon as their other wing leaves set early, but you don’t have to do that. Even if you have to occupy 2 girls, you can continue running the set to build attraction, social proof and preselection. You could look for opportunities to merge sets so you have somebody to occupy the friend or if you’re lucky, have some of her new friends to come in and help you out.

My new friend may have left the set early, but I did my job as a good wing to introduce him to a set. He was appreciative of what I did and now I know I have a future wing to game with. Help your wing if he has lots of approach anxiety and open. You still have first pick of the target and you’ll have a friend that will value your tenacity and reciprocate by handling the obstacles. The more you wing each other, he will start to get rid of approach anxiety and learn to stay in set. Eventually you guys can start alternating opening. How have you helped your wings?



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