Hot Girl Asks 100 Guys For Sex | You Won’t Believe The Results!

If a random hot girl walked up to you on the street and asked you for sex, would you do it? One girl did just that as part of a social experiment when she asked 100 guys for sex during the day. It’s pretty interesting how these guys reacted.

Most thought she was kidding at first. She insisted it was true, and some of those guys then decided, “Why not?” and walked with her to have “sex”, before (presumably) she told them it was a prank. Many guys just flat out said no. Some said they had girlfriends. Some asked if she was asking for money. Others gave hilarious excuses like, “I have class” or “I need to get my bike…”

whatever girl sex 100 guys

You have to imagine what’s going through these guys’ minds. If a girl asked me sex from the start, how many other guys has she asked this? Does she have herpes or something? Others didn’t think about it at all and just said, “Yes! Let’s go!” Hope those guys were gonna wrap it up. This rarely happens, but it’s a small possibility that a girl will be horny enough for some reason and you were at the right time and the right place. How would you react in this situation?


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