Getting Laid On A Slow Night

getting laid with sexy girlYou will go out to game some girls and sometimes there will be slow nights where there are only a few sets. What do you do then? It’s always better gaming in a target rich environment where you more opportunities to practice and close that night. When that is not possible, you can still go out and practice your game and even on a slow night, it might be more favorable to you. Why is that?

I went out the other night to game and wing with some of the guys from the New York Hitches meetup. It was a cold Thursday night. Usually Thursday nights are good and girls will go out, but this night it was freezing and close to 0 degrees. We met up at the usual spot at Brass Monkey in Meatpacking District around 10pm and the place was almost dead. We opened a few sets to warm up there, but we decided to check out the other bars in area to see if it was any busier.

slow night at a bar

We went to a few places in Meatpacking, like Gaslight, Troy’s and some dive bar. We opened a few sets but all of them were as slow as Brass Monkey or slower. We then decided to check out Murray Hill where my friend was bartending. Once we got there, we noticed it was a little better but still slow. I caught up with my friend who was bartending and we all got a shot together and talked about how nobody was out tonight because it was so cold. He agreed and said most places were slow tonight because of the weather.

I then noticed a girl by herself at the bar and I decided to approach her. I asked her who else she was there with. She then looked at me and said, “You.” I knew there that it was on and I already had attraction. I then started running my usual game with rapid escalation because I knew I could get away with it. We share some commonalities and I rewarded her investment in the interaction with my escalation. At first I did the side hug with a  kiss on her cheek or temple a couple times and then I went in for the kiss within 5 minutes of talking with her. Instead of doing a quick kiss, she started making out with me. I broke away from the kiss first so I would be chasing less and to not pump or her BT too much, give her too much validation, or cause buyer’s remorse. She wouldn’t let me de-escalate easily so I knew I was in and I just had to play it cool and solve logistics at this point.

I asked her where she was staying and she said a few minutes away from the bar. Perfect. I asked what she was doing later and she said she was going home. Ok, I still needed more info. I asked her what she was doing tomorrow and then said nothing and then asked me what I was doing for Valentine’s day. I jokingly said that I wanted to see 50 Shades of Grey and she wanted to see it with so I agreed to future project our time together and build a stronger connection. She kept qualifying herself on how she would support me and be a great girlfriend. I would future project and qualify her some more on why.

At some point I asked her, “You want to get out of here?” She said, “Maybe…” I saw that she still had half a beer left. So I don’t sound pushy and to build comfort I told her, “That’s cool, we can wait until you finish your drink first.” She then asked me, “Why are you so cute?” Then a song came up that she really liked and she started dancing with me. Of course I start running my dance floor game and bust out my smooth dance moves to escalate and build a more of a connection. She’s really enjoying the dance and everybody is checking us out.

After a couple songs, they started closing down the bar. I said goodbye to my friend who was bartending and then I left with girl out of the bar. We walked arm in arm towards her place, which was literally a 5 minute walk. We walked inside her front door into her apartment lobby. She then sat down on the bench inside and asked me to sit down. I knew she just needed more comfort before we slept together. I sat down and she asked me when was the last time I was in a relationship. I told her a few months ago. She asked why it ended. I told her that I moved to LA and she stayed in NYC. This was mostly true, I just distorted the time frame to make it more relevant and build comfort. I asked her the same question and she gave her story.

apartment lobby

I pre-seeded the close by telling her earlier that I missed my train back to New Jersey. I would bring this up later on if I needed to crash at her place so I could sleep with her. She however asked me if she could crash at my place back in Jersey. I told her that I was staying at a friend’s place and that I couldn’t have guests over. I then asked her why I couldn’t crash at her place. She said that it was complicated and that her roommate has some awkward dude who is sleeping in the living room and walks around naked all day. I didn’t care about that, I just needed a sex location. I just needed a reason to go up there so I asked her if I could at least use the restroom. She agreed and led me to the elevator…

We got inside the elevator and then we started going down towards the basement. I asked her, “Do you live in the basement?” She shook her head and said that she was taking me to the public restroom. This wasn’t what I was expecting but I figured I’d make the best of it. When we walked inside the bathroom, I closed the door behind us and locked it and turned off the lights. She asked me, “What are you doing?” I then just started making out with her and escalating. I did some foreplay and massaged her breasts and slowly made my down her belly and then her pants.

I started rubbing her pussy from the outside of her jeans. I then slowly unbuttoned her jeans and started fingering her as she moaned. I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and grabbed a condom to put it on. I took off her panties and slowly inserted myself into her. It was uncomfortable doing this standing up so grabbed my coat and laid it on the ground and as I took her to the floor and had sex with her. After we finished she asked me how were going to stay in touch. I told her to give me her number. That’s how you number close.

There will be times when you go out and it will just be a really slow night. This could for a few reasons, such as the season or weather could cause some people to just stay home. The good news is that when it’s really cold, the few sets that are out, are much more DTF than on a warm night. If the girls are willing to go out on a freezing night, especially by themselves, they are not doing it for their health. They are looking for somebody to hook up with. Use that knowledge to your advantage and embrace the slow and cold night. You might be surprised at the end. What do you do when it’s slow?

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