Get To The Table, Build Massive Social Proof And Preselection

bottles and modelsIf you are not using a table to get the hot chicks at the clubs, then you are not doing it right. Having a table and bringing girls over will up your game exponentially. You can even game some of the girls at other tables nearby. Just make sure you find out the relationships first before you start escalating in case her boyfriend or husband is there.

People at the table will assume you are somebody important or know someone who is or just part of their social circle if you are at there. They will all be warm and sometimes even hot approaches. You rarely need to break rapport because they already assume you have status and they will trust and feel comfortable with you. All you need to do is qualify and escalate.

I was at a client’s table last night at Light nightclub in Vegas and it was loads of fun. He works in the nightlife industry so he had a promoter table. There were already several hot girls at the table. We also did a tone of cold approach on other hot sets and brought them to our table. The positive effect of bringing more hot girls to the table was huge.

We already had enough attraction with the girls that we were bringing over to the table, but the fact that they saw we were in the company of other hot girls and we had table status, boosted the attraction even more. Our social proof and preselection went through the roof.

We gamed several of the girls at the table and took multiple pictures and did flash game. We were all dancing and definitely having the most fun out of everybody around us. Everybody was noticing our positive vibe. Every time we were talking to a different girl at our table, the other girls we were just talking to would look at us. It made the whole night much easier than just doing cold approaches. We got numbers from nearly every girl at the table and later on I pulled a 2 set back to my place.

You don’t have to spend loads of money to get a table. You just need to know somebody who does. Learn how to get access to areas with status and women will be much more open with you. Befriend wealthy guys or somebody who gets comp tables and ask them if you could bring some hot girls over to their table. They will gladly accept and you will have made a new friend. Use the table to your advantage and you will notice a big improvement in your results.


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