Food, Sleep, or Sex?

If you had to make a decision on one of these three things, which would you choose? Would you rather have a nice late night dinner, a peaceful night’s sleep, or passionate and exhilarating sex? I know this may change based on your circumstances or situation. For example, if you are on the verge of starving to death and you can’t go on another minute without putting something in your stomach or else you would die, then obviously you would want want to eat. If you have been up for 5 days straight and can’t function another second without having micro-sleeps and people thinking you are narcoleptic, then for heaven’s sake find a comfortable bed and pass out for half a day.

However, most people are not in these extreme cases when they are given the option or possibility to have sex and they still choose to have a bite to eat because they are a little hungry or want to sleep because they are a little tired. What’ even sillier is that they may have an minor “errand” to attend to that can’t be pushed back a few hours or a day and so miss out on their chance to have sex and perhaps start a relationship with someone. I realized that these were just excuses for me not to progress further. I used to be that way until I changed my habits and starting seeing a lot more success in my game.

Back when I lived on the east coast, I used to live in New Jersey and commute to New York City to work everyday. I had what you would call, “shitty logistics”. I still gamed when could like during lunch or the few happy hours I went out to after work. I couldn’t really game out too late too often for legitimate reasons. However, there were times where I had the next day off from work and I had the option of staying out late to game.

I knew that my chances of getting a SNL were higher the longer I stayed out and stayed in set, but the last bus back home would be around 1:30am. Anybody who has gamed enough in the city knows that the prime-time to pull a girl is between 2 – 3, so I missing out on quite a few opportunities to say the least. Sometimes, I would “gamble” on getting a place a stay with a girl that night. It would give me motivation to pull as I would have a place to sleep AND have sex. Sometimes I would stay up all night and not pull a girl or have a place to stay, and others I would succeed.

There was this one night where I went out with some wings in Lower East Side in New York. We went into this bar called Fat Baby. This is one of my favorite bars because it has low lighting and has good hip-hop music, which sets the right tone for gaming. Anyway, it was starting to get late and I told my wing that I had to leave soon to take the last bus back to Jersey. He told me that I should just stay up and game all night. I was thinking about what he said and then told myself, “Fuck it, let’s see where this goes.”

Drinking bar

I was at the bar with my wing, and then shortly after, a girl comes up to the side of me to order a drink. I open her with a compliment and she is a little receptive. I continue gaming her and she starts showing a lot more interest and then asks me if I want to do a shot with her. I agreed so I wouldn’t punish compliance and she ends up buying 2 shots of Tequila for us. (Note: when a girl buys you a shot, you are practically in.) I knew I had a great chance of sleeping with her if I just stayed with her. I kissed her after we took a shot.

She brings me back upstairs to meet her friends and they were very friendly. She ends up dancing with them for a bit and I go sit at their table to chill out for a second. She notices me and then comes back and sits on my lap. I start qualifying her and find out her logistics. She is partying with her roommate at Fat Baby, but her roommate isn’t staying at their place tonight. After a few minutes, she decides she wants to leave the bar and I agree and we walk outside together. She goes for a smoke outside and we start talking about after hours places to go to in the city. I look up one on my phone and we find out there is one within walking distance. We walk there, but find out that they no longer do after hours.

I suggest go eating somewhere and I ask if there is something good to eat nearby her place (she lives in the Upper East Side). She says she knows a place and we decide to take a cap up there. We get in the cab and halfway between the trip I start escalating with her by making out with her and massaging her breasts and fingering her pussy from outside her jeans and she gets all hot and heavy. She then tries to qualify herself by saying, “Just to let you know, my place is a mess…” I said, “That’s cool…” She totally forgot about the food and then just invited me inside. Her place looked like a tornado and hurricane went through it.

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