Escort Game And Picking Up Hired Guns

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What if I told you you could have sex with a escort and not pay for it?  It is possible to game her right and have her genuinely want to fuck you.  This is very similar to hired gun or stripper game, but with some subtle differences.  You will want to game as you normally would by breaking rapport and building comfort, except you want to ease up on the escalation until you get her out of her hired gun mindset. From then on, just game as you normally would.

Usually, it’s harder to game someone who is “working” early in the night when she most likely just started and has yet to try and make a profit.  Your chances are higher towards the end of the night when she is about to “punch out”, and from then on out, is just looking for fun.  Once you develop your intuition by gaming in field, you will be able to spot the escorts more easily.

You can tell by what they are wearing, how they walk, and their behavior.  One obvious sign is when she periodically scoping around in a sort of predatory fashion similar to some AFCs (Average Frustrated Chump) in the club do when they are trying to look for the “perfect set”, which is funny how ironic this is.  Of course, you are taking a risk every time you have relations with someone who is working or any girl, but you should always wear protection anyway.  They will most likely initiate it or have their own condoms based on the nature of their job, but you shouldn’t rely on them.

I went to this nightclub on some random night with some friends.  We were out dancing on the dance floor when I noticed a cute girl dancing around.  My wing initially danced with her for a bit and then he broke off from her.  I came in and then started to run some dance floor game.  We were grinding and hitting it off great on the dance floor and exchanged names.  We eventually headed off to the bar when she wanted to get a drink.  She was telling me how there were some guys that were jerks or idiots or something to that nature and I listened to her story of some incident that happened that night.

I kissed her shortly thereafter and decided to make my move so I told lets go get a drink someplace else.  She agreed and then I lead her out of the club.  She wanted to head out to a bar nearby the club so went in there for a bit.  Here is when she told me what she actually does for a living.  I was a little surprised at first and was trying to analyze if she saw me as a potential client or something more.

She was emotionally opening up to me about her problems so I figured I got her out of her hired gun mindset because I was getting a lot of investment and building comfort.  I decided to pre-seed the pull back to my place by saying, “My roommates and I made our own specialty drinks back at our place and you should come to casually hang out.”  She agreed and came back to drink.  We got back, had a drink, overcame some last minute resistance (LMR) by building more comfort and escalated further from there to the full close. What are some interesting hired gun or escort sets that you’ve done?

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