Escalation Proclamation | Reciprocation of Qualification

Escalation ProclamationQualification of the woman must have reciprocation from the man. It is imperative her investment be rewarded proportionally by the man’s escalation and qualification. The woman must feel appreciated and rewarded for her good behavior in order to further enforce her behavior. This proclamation for reciprocation of qualification through escalation is the foundation of propagation.

In layman’s terms, if you want to get laid, then you need to reward your girl proportionally by the amount of her investment with your escalation or qualification. When a girl invests in you, she is putting herself out there and expects a good return, otherwise why would she want to continue to hang out with you?

Dog TrainingTo make it easier to understand, let’s use a metaphor. Whenever you train a dog to do a cool trick or certain type of useful behavior, you always reward him with a treat or praise. Whenever he does something bad, like piss on the rug, you punish or scold at him and teach him how to pee outside or on a mat.

Another metaphor we can use is also similar to raising kids. You reward them for finishing their homework or doing their chores by recognizing their accomplishments and maybe even give them an allowance.

If they are misbehaving, you punish them by temporarily removing privileges or toys. In game, when a woman misbehaves you break rapport. This is called operant conditioning. When she breaks rapport with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is misbehaving (she could be flirting!), but you still need to break rapport to “put her in her place.”

Forms of Investment

Remember how we talked about how investment is powerful? Don’t underestimate the power of getting the girl you want to invest into you. There a many forms of investment, or good behaviors she could be doing, but they all fall in a few categories.

Personal Information

When you qualify a girl, she is giving your personal information about herself, and therefore she is investing. This is good! She doesn’t usually give personal information to someone she just met. Most people have a “mask” they wear when they go out in public and meet new people. It takes some courage to be completely open and honest with someone. She is being put in a vulnerable position and you need reward her for it!

When you first get into conversation with a girl, you will usually keep things light and playful. It’s surface level conversation where you generally talk about the situation around you and functional things you two are doing in the moment. You could be talking about that game that’s playing at the bar or something funny that just happened nearby, “Oh my God! I can’t believe that just happened!”

Even light conversation is a small form of investment. Once she starts telling you bits and pieces of information about herself, you can reward her. For example, if she tells you she is studying to become a nurse, you could say, “That’s awesome! I can tell you get satisfaction from helping people, good for you!” and then raise your hand for a high-five. It’s not that personal, but she is still investing by giving you information about herself.

girl deep conversationYou will eventually want to move into more deeper areas of her life and personality. Once you get her to start qualifying herself and you keep rewarding her with praise, escalation, or reciprocate by telling her information about yourself, she will want to continue.

You can move into more open ended questions like “what”, “when”, “where”, “why”, or “how”. Ask how she felt or why she did something. Get her to be emotionally invested. When you get her start telling you about her daddy issues or about her abusive ex, she is heavily invested  into you and should either be hugging her, kissing her on the cheek or even the lips.

Body Language

Most of all interpersonal communication is non-verbal. This means the meaning of the communication between you and the girl mostly comes from tonality, gestures and body language. You generally want to mirror’s people’s body language when you want to develop rapport with them.

For example, if a person is facing at you at an angle, then you should also be facing them at an angle. Whoever faces the person more directly is investing more and therefore “chasing” more or even seeking validation. You always want the girl to be in the chasing frame as this is an attraction builder.

Once you start gaming a woman properly by breaking rapport to spark attraction, qualifying her to get investment and escalating to reward her behavior, she will slowly (or quickly!) start show more interest towards you with her body language. She will be facing you more, leaning in and even touching you! These are all great signs and you should be rewarding her proportionally by mirroring her actions and body language.

man-woman-flirting-body-languageHowever, it should be noted that you shouldn’t always mirror her move by move, second by second. That would be obvious and can even be validating to her. Some girls may give fake IOIs (indicators of interest), have high BT (like high energy dancing sets seeking validation from guys giving them attention when they have no interest) and just want you react to their advances to make them feel good. Frankly, they just don’t deserve your reward or escalation yet.

It can become predictable when you always mirror her or get excited when she escalates on you. She knows she has you by the strings like a puppet and can make you dance with a simple touch on your arm. It is good practice to escalate only she has invested enough into you through other ways besides just her escalating on you or showing interest through her body language.

You must be calibrated. If she escalates fast on you, you have to make the call if this is a validation or high BT set or if she is DTF (down to fuck) and ready to be pulled. You can display non-reactive, high status body language and have girls begging for your attention.


Compliance is another form of investment that can speed up the seduction process for multiple reasons. Compliance can be good to see how receptive she is to your touch or commands.

When you tell a girl to show you her hands, phone, pictures, etc. and she complies, she is investing into you. Why would she waste this energy and effort if she wasn’t somewhat interested in you?

You can start small and build up this compliance momentum from trivial requests to something more profound that she would normally just say no if you asked the bigger request first.

For example, you can find any justifications to see her hands and feel them for whatever reason. You could make a comment on her jewelry, or do some palm reading, or compare hand sizes. Not only are you getting investment through compliance, but you are also escalating and getting her comfortable with your touch.

cute women sitting at bar with cocktailsYou can also have her move or change positions. If she is sitting down on a seat and you’re standing, you can ask or tell her to get off her seat once you have enough compliance from her.

Sometimes you don’t need a reason if you have enough attraction and you’re tonality is right, but you can also just give some excuse like, “Get up for a second, I want to show you something…” You can take her seat as a playful tease and then transition into more qualification of her.

Moving her is especially good if you want to get mini-isolation or complete isolation with your girl from her friends. If she is part of a 4 set with 3 other girls, you usually shouldn’t escalate on your girl in front of her friends so you don’t put pressure on her. You can do a mini-isolation by turning her back towards her friends so she can’t see them.

If she can’t see her friends, it’s almost like they aren’t even there. You can find an opportunity to kiss her when she can’t make eye contact with them. It is still better to have complete isolation and move her to another area of the venue where your girl and her friends can’t see each other. You can even move her so you can run some dance floor game. You can also just bounce her to another venue or pull to a sex location.


When you think of investment in the general sense, you usually think of money, stocks and bonds, real estate, etc. Money can also be a form of investment in terms of game and pickup.

If you ask for gum or a cigarette, that is a small form of monetary investment but still helpful for you. If a girl buys you a drink, she is spending her money and investing in you. This is a huge sign of interest and you basically just need to not fuck up and you will close her. It’s also a plus when she pays for the cab ride back to her place.

beautiful woman with moneyI also don’t believe that you should never buy a girl a drink or pay something for her. You can also spend money on her as a form of reward and reciprocation if she has invested enough into you. You shouldn’t say, “Hey, can I buy you a drink?” as your opener, but it may benefit later on in set to move things along.

For example, if you have already kissed your girl or she has shown plenty of interest and invested into you, you can offer to buy her a drink or if she mentions she wants to get drinks then you should buy each other drinks! Otherwise, you will punish her for good behavior because she has already invested into you.

I can’t tell you how many times everything was going great in set and then the girl asked me to buy her cigarettes, drinks, food or whatever, but I was stuck to my old PUA ways and said, “No.” then the set just fell apart. WTF happened?!? Once I realized it was OK to buy her things once she had already invested enough, I started closing a lot more girls. Reciprocate and escalate. Don’t punish good behavior!


Time is the ultimate form of investment as it is the only resource that we can’t get back. The more time the girl spends with you, the higher your chances of sleeping with her are. Time is a comfort builder. You can run really basic game and still have sex with her as long as you spend enough time with her. She could spending her time doing a million other things, but she is choosing to spend time with you instead with her friends or whatever. That should more than enough information for you to start getting more results out there.

woman-time-clockUse the escalation proclamation as a guideline for you to understand the importance of reciprocation of investment through qualification. I didn’t intend for this post to go into such depth, but as I began to wrote this, I started to see all the forms of investment and reciprocation. I knew most of this stuff internally and naturally did these from my experience learning all this in the field gaming, but I never really articulated it until now. It’s really interesting how social dynamics and human behavior works. I hope this guide has been helpful to you and be sure to let me know if you have any other ideas or ways of investment or reciprocating them. “Ask not what your girl can do for you, ask what you can do for your girl.” Godspeed!


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