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Man dressed to impressHow does your wardrobe closet look right now? Do you actually have any outfits you regularly wear when you go out or do you just put on anything that feels comfortable? While it is good to feel comfortable and wear your polo shirts and baggy jeans, they are not ideal when you are attracting the opposite sex.

My wardrobe used to be filled with loose and comfortable clothing. Even my button up shirts were a size too big. When I first started reading about fashion in game, I thought I had it figured out.

It wasn’t until I got some advice from some experienced PUAs and wing-girls that I learned how to truly dress to impress. What I thought was good, they said I needed a complete wardrobe overhaul. I was a little stunned as I thought I had some idea, but I was willing to learn and improve my style.

Not only do you need solid game, have good conversational skills and generate attraction, but you also need style. First impressions are important and you want to increase your odds by improving all areas of your game. I am going to give a few quick tips and guidelines I use about how you should dress when you are going on a night out or during the day to save you some time of trial and error that I did.

Fitted Clothing

This is not much different on how we perceive women. Men like to see women wearing fitted clothing just as much as women like to see men in tight clothes. Now I don’t mean to have jeans or pants tight enough where you can barely move. You shouldn’t wear shirts where you can’t breath, but they should accentuate your masculine physique. It shows you have a keen sense of style and you are displaying confidence in yourself.

This can also force IOIs (indicators of interest) out of girls who are checking you out. Try to get slim or super slim size (depending on your frame) shirts and jeans or pants. If you are wearing a t-shirt, wear a v-neck.

I usually get my clothes at either Express or H&M. H&M is less expensive while Express is higher quality. I highly recommend getting some of your best clothes tailored as well. Nothing beats wearing something that look like they were designed and made for you. You will stand out.

Dark Colors

Wearing dark colors, especially for night game. is preferable. It makes you look slimmer, more exotic and attractive. You can mix dark colors together like different colors for your shirt and pants but avoid wearing two of the same exact color as you should have some contrast to not seem boring or it’s like a weird uniform.

You can pretty much mix any dark color except red and black as you will look like a cheesy Salsa dancer or valet employee. However, science shows that the color red triggers attraction if you wear it correctly. Also, do NOT wear stripes of any kind. You are not a caddy or golfer, unless which case you are… keep it on the golf course.


I usually play it safe for this one and just wear black shoes that are narrow towards the toes when I go out at night. You will not get turned down anywhere with them and you will look good. As for going out during the day, you can wear something a little more comfortable like sneakers, but not have those crazy designs or colors. I usually like to wear Pumas as they have a simple, cool design and are fashionable. There are other brands and styles as well. You can ask in the store to see what is trendy as well.

Dress How Others Dress!

Probably one of the biggest points I can give is to observe how other guys dress who are attracting the girls you want. They are doing some things right, which not only include their lifestyle or game but their style. Emulate them and see how you’ll improve. These are some quick tips to elevate your style. How do you dress? What other things do you think should be part of the guideline?

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4 Replies to “Dress to Impress”

  1. Great advice Will! Having a cheap shirt that is tailored will get far more compliments than an expensive shirt that is not.

    For shoes, I prefer hip and trending. The current style is Supras, but buyers need to be careful. They don’t want just any Supras. They wants Supras that are HIGH TOPS with a BIG TONGUE

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