Don’t Be Creepy And Get Her Number Through Her Friends!

Getting a girl's phone numberI’ve gotten this question quite a few times for it to merit me writing a post about it. I get asked, “Should I get the girl’s number through one of her friends?” The answer is a big fat, “NO!

There quite a few reasons for this that may not be obvious at first. Guys think it will be much easier to get the number through her friends instead of being bold and getting her number in person.

The truth is that getting the number is not a big deal at all.

It’s such a low compliance request on that stage in the interaction that it is almost meaningless, but if you get it without her consent, it can generate negative feelings.

There are a so many things that are wrong with getting her number without her consent. She won’t know who you are and what you want. It’s super awkward that you got her number through somebody else and she will feel extremely uncomfortable.

It shows heavy interest and investment on your part and you are putting yourself in a very bad position from the start. Even if you don’t think you are creepy, a lot of the guys in the past that have done this to her were creepy and she will immediately associate you with them. Don’t do it!

The only things that are required to get the number is trust, comfort, rapport and a reason for the number. Technically, you don’t need attraction to get it, but of course that you should be your goal if you want to be intimate with her. The best thing to do is to game her in person to the point where you have those things to get the number. Check out my guide on getting her number for more detailed advice.

If it’s some girl that you can’t meet in person but both of you have social media, you can communicate her through there. This could Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever. Ideally, you should set up your profile to generate the most amount of attraction as possible and have HER message you first.

One of my mentors, Mike, has insane social circle and social media game. He is constantly getting messages from hot girls that he has never met before, but they saw how much a of cool life he is living and how is always surrounded by hot girls in his photos. I’ve lived in his place for a few months and would always see him bringing back home a hot girl. When I asked him where they had met, he would say, “Facebook.”

Keep building up that rapport, trust and attraction with her. Having some mutual friends in common online will help as well. Go for the number and set up a time to see her in person. If you do these things, you will start having way more more dates and success with women

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