Do You Want A Unique Superpower?

the avengers wideWho is your favorite superhero? Who was your idol or role model while you were growing up? Did you imagine yourself flying through the city like Superman or driving supercars and  intimidating and interrogating villains like Batman? Maybe you thought about having telekinesis and moving objects with your mind like Professor X or have unlimited strength like The Incredible Hulk. What if I told you that you can develop a unique superpower that most of these superheroes don’t have?

That unique superpower is… game. The ability to pickup, attract, seduce women and persuade and influence people to get what you want, is one of the most powerful skills to have. Understanding the psychology behind social dynamics and assimilating the behaviors to befriend anybody, get favors and compliance from strangers and have sex with any women, is something that most people don’t have.

Having the frame control, tonality, body language and experience in countless social situations to know what to do, will help get what you want more easily than 99% of the population. You will be able to see and manipulate the social matrix. This may sound like science fiction, but it’s science fact. You too can acquire this ability and achieve things you’ve never thought was possible.

Want to climb the corporate ladder and become CEO of your company? Game will help you do that. Want to negotiate and always get the best deals or get funding? This ability will help you do that. Fight your way out of a ticket? You can do that. Want to pick up that HB10 who is always surrounded by celebrities, and high status men trying to do the same and seduce her with sexual tension? That’s right, the game will help you accomplish that too. Start developing your innate talent and ability to do all of these and men will want to be you and women will want to be with you.

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