Day Game For Pickup

What a beautiful day to go out gaming today! I There are so many sets waiting to be opened and enjoy a good conversation. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by the warm sun beaming through my bedroom window. I did some work around the house this morning and feel ready to hit the streets!

When I first got into gaming, I normally did night game. I would feel more comfortable in that atmosphere where it was “normal” to socialize with everybody in a bar or nightclub. I felt more comfortable with the dark ambiance and loud music where if I got blown out, not many people would notice it. I wasn’t too comfortable approaching in the day time because it didn’t seem appropriate or I didn’t want to “bother” them. A common misconception and I was missing out on opportunity.

New York City Day Game

Many of my number closes nowadays come from the daytime. This is mostly due to the fact that I go for SNLs at night where logistics are better and my schedule and her schedule are usually already freed up for the night. I am also usually able to escalate faster during the night because of the mood and go for the pull earlier.

During the day, both of us may be in the middle of running errands or already have plans throughout the day, but that still is no excuse to not open or plan for a day 2. What’s great about day game is that the time it takes for you to number close is shorter than it is at night due to time constraints. You can get many numbers through out the day from under 2 minute interactions or you can continue the interaction as long as you want and enjoy someone else’s company.

Solid game will get you solid numbers. Having good text game helps too but it doesn’t save you from a flaky number. You can set up day 2s throughout the week and have every night be filled with a date. Imagine how fast your game will improve.Get used to opening during the day and having good conversations and qualify her to build a connection.

You can also invite them all out to a party or event you are planning and get instant social proof. If your game is tight and logistics are on your side, you can even go for a same day lay. There are so many possibilities for day game and you have so much opportunity to practice your game and get something out of it. What are your thoughts? Do you prefer day game or night game?

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