Dance To Her Favorite Song And Sweep Her Of Her Feet! | Part 3

slow danceHere is the concluding chapter of the lay report in Las Vegas. After we’ve danced and kissed, we then went back to the slot machine and she said that she needed a smoke. She had cigarettes but she was searching for her lighter. It was the same color as her heels that she took off, baby blue. She was wearing sandals now.

Normally it’s not a good sign when a girl takes off her heels later in the night because it means she is not willing to be uncomfortable to look more attractive to men, and is less DTF, but we already kissed and she was showing lots of interest and she had really good logistics so I stuck in.

We couldn’t find the lighter in her bag, and so we asked for a lighter from some other guys that were walking by. She lit her cigarette, gave back the lighter, and started smoking. She offered me her cigarette. I don’t smoke, but I didn’t want to punish compliance or make her feel self-conscious that I didn’t smoke, so I said yes and took her cigarette. I pretended to smoke it while she wasn’t looking and gave it back to her. She didn’t notice. I managed to still reward her without doing something I didn’t want to do. We continued to talk as she finished the cigarette.

After a few minutes, she complained again about the music that was playing in the casino, and I agreed and said we should go someplace else. She immediately agreed and started walking arm and arm with me. We started walking back to the self-park garage and then she got distracted by the atrium in the Bellagio. I just wanted to pull her ASAP, but this would help build comfort with her by going in there. She wanted to take some pictures. We took some selfies and then had some other people take photos of us.

Atrium Bellagio Conservatory CarouselAfter we took the photos, we started walking back to the self-park garage. We got to my car and I opened her door on the passenger side and let her in. We started driving to the hotel she was staying at, Treasure Island, and did some fluff talk along the way to keep things light and playful and her mind occupied. We parked in the garage and walked inside the casino.

She wanted to get another drink, but there weren’t any bars open inside the hotel. She started getting annoyed by that and then I suggested that we go back to her room and order room service to bring us some drinks. She asked if they still do that at this time. I said, “Sure.” I wasn’t sure if they did bring drinks up, nor did I have any plans to drink. I just needed a reason to get to her room, isolate and escalate. If she still wanted to get drinks, we would have done that too.

We started walking back to her room. Once we got into her room, she walked towards her window and made a comment about the view. I agreed and lightly embraced her from behind. I spoke slowly and softly in her to build a more seductive vibe. I started kissing her on her shoulder and neck as I grabbed the sides of her ass and started fingering her from behind her ass.

I then turned her around, lifted her up and carried her to her bed. She smiled and then I started fingering her again on the bed. She then asked me, “How come you don’t have girlfriend with those magical hands?” I just smiled and laughed on the inside because I wasn’t doing anything special. About a minute later, we were having sex.

I stayed over that night to build comfort and we had sex a few more times. The next morning, she ordered room service to get a pepsi to hydrate and I got a thai iced tea and some Vietnamese appetizers. While I was eating, she was texting her friends about meeting up to go to the wedding.

elvis weddingShe found out that she actually had to meet up with them at 3pm for the shuttle at The Mirage to head to the Elvis Chapel. It was around 1:30pm. I had sex with her one last time before I dropped her off at The Mirage. We exchanged numbers and kissed at the front.

I met up with her again a couple days later to go to a pool party. We chilled and hanged out for a while and had sex one last time before she left to go back to Wyoming the next day. We’ve been texting since and may see her again when she comes back to Vegas or if I visit Wyoming.

Women love to tap into their emotional side and if you could use the information you’ve gathered throughout the set to find out what will trigger those emotions, then she will want to get close to you. Using the information I found earlier about her favorite song gave me a reason to dance and escalate further with her that leaded to the kiss and eventually back at her hotel room. There are many ways to build attraction and escalate with a woman. Escalating and dancing with her will help speed things up tremendously.

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