Dance Floor Game Will Get You Laid

pretty girl dance floor gameIt’s the weekend and you finally get a break from your normal routine and are excited to practice your game.  Your friend is a master at dance floor game and calls you to tell you that there is a popular DJ playing tonight in the hottest club in the city.  You get ready and meet your friends outside the club.  It’s usually always poppin’ on this night but this time the line wraps around the block that you can’t see the entrance.  Luckily, one of your friends got a table so you skip line.  You see all the hot girls in line watch you as you go behind the ropes.  It’s good to have social proof.

You get stamped just outside the club and hear the bass from inside and feel the ground move underneath you.  This is going to be a good night.  You walk in, the doors open, and music blasts through you like someone just opened a hatch in a moving airplane.  It’s so packed in the club that you can barely walk through to get to your table.  The dance floor looks like a mosh pit.  How are you going to be able to dance here?  You feel a little intimidated and just decide to dance at your table with some of your friends while you see your player friend picking up girls on the dance floor.  You had a “good” time, but didn’t interact with all the hot girls dancing down on the floor.  How can you dance like your friend out there?

Let me first just tell you that your are totally missing out by not using the dance floor to your advantage if you’re not already.  There are so many benefits and practical gaming strategies for you to employ.  You can use it to build comfort, attraction, escalate, logistics, AMOG (Alpha Male Other Guy), etc.

Some of you may be telling yourselves that you are not a good dancer.  If that’s the case, I recommend taking some dance classes, preferably salsa.  Actually, I’m going to tell you to take classes because it’s that important.  It will develop your confidence, teach you how to lead and be dominant, which are all very necessary both on and off the dance floor.  Once you have that down and learn 2-3 spins for the girl, you’re good, anything more is just extra if your really want to show off but it’s not necessary since most girls don’t know most of the dance moves anyway so you will already be ahead of most people.  This will help solve at least 50% of your dance floor game instantly.

Dance floor game is kinda deep topic and I will cover some of the most common scenarios you will encounter here.  I may make a series of articles around this subject.  Use this as a blueprint and remember to always adapt to the situation and you learn through your field experience and experimentations what will work best.

hot girls dancefloor gameLet’s discuss cold approach dance floor game first, my favorite.  Make sure you are always walking with a purpose.  Nothing is more unattractive than a lost puppy wandering around.  Smile periodically and make sure you are having fun either with yourself or with somebody, preferably the latter.  Always make eye contact with someone you find attractive or want to approach.  Whenever you lock eyes, wait 2 seconds, then smile.  You may have to calibrate this, experiment.  If you walk around with confidence and having fun, you will start to get a lot of approach invitations, which pretty much guarantees a hooked set if you open it but its not necessary.

There are several ways to open on the dancefloor.  Once you have maintained eye contact with a potential target who’s dancing, you can gauge if she is open to dancing with you.  She could smile for a split second or suddenly start dancing more seductively.  Whatever the case may be, whenever you open, you have to own it.  Always have the, “I am going to fuck this girl” mindset and she will feel that.  Once you are close enough, grab her hand gently but with dominance and slightly pull her towards you.  If she is receptive and does not resist, it is on and you’re in.  I usually don’t like routines, but this is a playful opener that use sometimes that works if done correctly.  While you are dancing on the dance floor with your friends or just by yourself, try to make eye contact with your target to the side of you and smile.  If she sees you and smiles back, you can move to the side of her and do a playful booty bump and she will laugh.  Once this happens, move in front of her and reach out your hand to her hand while gently pulling her towards you.

You can start any dance routine from here depending on the song and mood.  I usually start with her with a spin and put both her arms around my neck.  You can grind with her right away if the setting is right or just start escalating throughout the song.  If you think you can kiss her, go for it.  If she pulls away but is still dancing with you, you can continue dancing and try again later.  You can get her to qualify her a bit throughout the dance to build a connection by asking her questions about herself.

You can also ask logistical questions like, “Who are you here with?  What are you doing after this?  Where are you staying?  What are you doing tomorrow morning?”  You don’t want to ask all of this at once, but casually put it in there throughout the conversation.  If logistics are right you can pull her based on the situation or just bounce her to another venue like a bar or diner and solve logistics to pull for sex. Dance floor game can be a lot of fun and can really help speed up your seduction and escalation with the girl.

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  1. Gotta love dance floor game. When I’m grinding on them i like to take a step back, this is like a break in rapport and gets then to take a step back, that’s then investing! Boom!

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