Spark Attraction Part 1 | Break Rapport

There is some truth to “nice guys finish last.”  You won’t be able to attract many women by simply being nice, and pleasant.  Sometimes you have to shake things up a bit to make it interesting and fun (for you and for her) to generate that attraction.

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There are many ways to create attraction.  You could escalate on her or break rapport. Today we are going to talk about breaking rapport as it is one of the most effective ways to spark attraction. This is something that separates the guys that have great success with beautiful women and guys that go home alone.

If you find yourself getting friendzoned, this is how to prevent that. People usually build rapport with each other during a conversation to develop trust and comfort.  However, one of the principles of attraction is to break that rapport through various ways.

You may be thinking as to why all the girls go for the jerks and why that they can’t see how much better you would treat them.  If you just had the opportunity to showcase your best personality and treat them right, you know they would rather be with you. The truth is, it’s not that the girl goes for the “jerk”, “asshole”, or “douchebag” because they treat her badly.

What they are attracted to is the fact that they simply do not put girls on a pedestal but actually treat them as if they are lower than them.  However, sometimes they go too far and the girl gets emotionally hurt her once they’ve been in a serious relationship for some time and since she has already invested so much time and emotion into him, it is hard for her to leave.  What you can do is use some of these tactics to create that attraction without having to treat her badly.

You don’t need to be a jerk, have status or lots of money and good looks to get the girl.  You just have to know the right triggers and hot buttons to press to create that irresistible attraction between you and the girl.  If you are able to nail this down, she will feel magnetically close to you and won’t want to break away from you.  The great thing about this is that anybody can learn it and apply it.  Next we will discuss some of the ways on breaking rapport and creating attraction.

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