Contacts or Glasses?

contactsDo contacts or glasses make the difference in appearance and attraction?  This is something I had avoided for the longest time growing up.  I started to wear glasses when I was around 12 years old.  It could be genes or I just played too much video games.  I was near-sighted so I couldn’t see far away and had to wear glasses most of the time.

I was against putting something in my eye and thought it wouldn’t make a difference.  It was not until I went to college that I decided it was time to start wearing contacts.  It was annoying putting them on and I only rarely wore them on the few times that I went out.  I didn’t really see the value in them and only wore them as a novelty item and to change things up.  Now, I always wear contacts when I leave the house.

I started seeing things differently (pun intended) when I lived in Vegas to focus on game and got advice from my mentor, Luke, and wings in the house.  They all said I needed to wear contacts. I took their advice to heart (you would after listening to somebody who has had more experience and success with women than you) and started noticing a difference.  I felt more confident and comfortable speaking with strangers more often.

I no longer viewed putting contacts as a nuisance as it became a daily habit.  I started noticing more interest from sets that I opened.  One night, when my wing’s date and her girlfriend arrived early at our house, they saw me getting ready and saw me with glasses and without.  When my wing, Matt, asked the girls what they thought of me without glasses, they both said I looked hot and sexy.  If you need glasses or contacts, go with contacts when you go out.  What are your opinions on colored contacts?

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2 Replies to “Contacts or Glasses?”

  1. i remember back in highschool when i switched from glasses to contacts i got a lot more attention and compliments – people noticed a looked a lot better without glasses

    i was still a geek though haha

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