Build Social Proof And Get Rid Of Approach Anxiety | Pre-Open Sets

pre-open setWhat if you could walk into any venue right now, have social proof and no approach anxiety where you could approach any girl and open without fear of failure? How does that sound?

There are ways you can make game easier for you so you don’t have to work as much to get the girl you want. One of these is ways is by pre-opening sets.

What is a pre-open?

A pre-open is a short opener you can use on any set in the room. You talk for 10 seconds or less with whatever opener you use and then move on to your next set. It can be a functional, complimentary, situational, whatever, it doesn’t matter as long as you open. You can do a short exchange of names and shake hands and then politely leave the set.

For example, you see a 3 set at the bar and you could say to one of the girls, “Hi, I have to say that I love the way you have your hair!” She thanks you for the compliment and might say something else.

You then do a short transition, “You’re pretty friendly, I’m (name).” while you extend your hand to signal her to reach out and shake your hand. She will say her name (or not, doesn’t matter) and then you can just say, “Nice meeting you…” and then leave.

That’s it.

Why should you pre-open?

You are doing a few things when you pre-open. You are warming yourself to be in a more talkative, friendly and social state when you pre-open many sets. This is especially true when you do it quickly one after another because you are building momentum and always “in set”. This will also lessen your approach anxiety and desensitize you to opening because you are doing it so much.

You are slowly building social proof and preselection throughout the venue with your pre-opens and everybody (especially the women) will start to see this. What is really useful about pre-opening many sets is that you will be able to gauge how receptive or friendly that set was. You can decide which sets to go back to without any approach anxiety because you know how they will react.

You can also calibrate and adjust how much game or work you need to do based on her receptiveness and behavior. If she’s really friendly, you just need to qualify her and escalate and not break as much rapport. If she’s “bitchy”, then you know you need to break rapport more.

If you want to make your life easier and meet more women, start pre-opening more sets. Social proof and preselection are one of the highest attraction triggers you can have and you will be able to create that by pre-opening. You can also quickly check which sets will have a higher success rate and adjust your game accordingly. You will annihilate your approach anxiety because you know she will be open and receptive. You will also get a lot more reference experiences and get better at game faster. Start pre-opening more. What’s your pre-opener?

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