Bounce Her And Move Closer To Your Goal!!!

Guy bouncing girlThere are certain waypoints in the game. These are the things you do between the open and the close. One of the things you may do is bounce a set or a girl. This will help speed up your game and be able to get the girl sooner. Sometimes you don’t need to bounce the girl if the girl is ready to be pulled, but it is good skill to practice and learn when you need it.

Bouncing is the act of moving your girl to another venue from where you met her. Usually it’s a neutral location before you pull her to a sex location. For example, you opened a girl at a bar and then you both decide to go to a dinner to eat. Or you opened a girl at a coffee shop during the day and then bounce her to a bar before you pull her back to your hotel for a same day lay.

I was gaming with a few guys in New York where we usually meet up at one of the bars in Meatpacking District. We catch up and start warming up by gaming a few sets there. We gamed a 2 set and I ran some dance floor game to create lots of attraction. We mentioned a rooftop nightclub nearby that we were thinking about going to and the girls were down. We bounced them to the club and isolated the girls when I brought my girl to the dance floor and he brought his girl to the roof. I pumped up her BT by doing some stimulating dance moves with her and then I saw an opportunity so I pulled her straight into the private restroom in the club.

Whenever you are bouncing a girl, you are creating experiences for her and building trust and comfort with her. It will seem that you have known each longer than you really have. This time dilation effect will create a solid connection between both of you. This is similar to moving the girl from another area of the same venue, but with an obvious stronger effect. Bounce her to another venue!

bar loungeYour life will be much easier if you bounce her to other venues. You don’t have to run super tight game and pull her in the same venue that you met her. You already got attraction from her. Now continue to build that comfort and trust needed to pull her to a sex location later. Sometimes taking it slow will speed things up. There is no need to rush things, unless you think she is ready now, then you can just say, “Let’s get out of here…” and lead her out.

Not only are you building trust by bouncing her, but you are also building compliance momentum from taking a smaller steps to go to a neutral venue. This is much easier than taking a big step to a private sex location. There is a much higher chance that she will say yes to go back home with you if you’ve done everything correctly.

Next time you’re out, stay in set and try bouncing her. Find out her logistics to have several options planned on where to possibly pull her. Plant seeds early in the interaction like casually mentioning a cool bar or dinner nearby (that’s close to your place or her’s) and then bring it up later when you want to bounce her. You will have shortened the distance to the sex location and built more of a solid foundation of compliance for the pull. What are some other places you can bounce her?

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