Best 5 Ways To Be Like A Casanova On The Dancefloor

hot girls dancing

The dance floor can be an intimidating place to meet girls if you don’t know how to start the interaction. You can be brutally rejected if you don’t go in with enough energy or open the right way.

There is an old and common misconception within the seduction community that the dance floor is a trap. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are many advantages to dancefloor game when you know how and when to implement it. You can be a casanova on the dancefloor and get laid and game much easer and faster.

So how do you go about opening a girl on the dance floor in the first place?

Mindsets and Behaviors For Dancefloor Game

Before you even approach and open her, you first have to have some of the mindsets and behaviors in order to deliver the openers and have the highest chance of success.

Here are the 2 main prerequisites for dancefloor game…

1. Have Fun And Groove To The Music

Having fun is one of the most important qualities of dancefloor game! This also tremendously helps with other aspects of game!

You must have fun and attract people towards you!

Nobody wants to hang around with you if you look like you just don’t want to be there or you’re sucking energy, seeking validation and approval from others.

It may easier said than done if you’re anxious or uncomfortable, but it’s all about making that mental shift or desensitizing yourself to the environment or both.

Once you do that, it’s very simple and game becomes much easier and a lot more fun!

She will see that you’re having fun and will mostly likely want to join you before you even approach her.

This will make the transition to the next phase go much more smoothly and allow you to hook her.

2. Smile And Make Eye Contact With Her

Just like the first requirements of having fun and grooving to the music, smiling and making eye contact as you open her is also one of the major keys to success 🔑

Smile and make eye contact with her. Major key 🔑

This is what brings the whole picture together of you having fun, being confident and not seeking validation or approval from anyone.

You shouldn’t wait for other people to smile at you first and give an approach invitation or give you any sort of positive attention or validation.

You need to always be leading and make the first step!

The world is a mirror and people’s attitudes will reflect back towards you.

I will mention that you CAN open with a small smirk or without smiling as much to create more sexual tension, but it isn’t always necessary.

I would say that it’s probably easier for newer guys in dancefloor game to open with a smile first and then experiment without the smile and calibrate afterward.

Best 5 Dancefloor Game Openers

Now that we have the main requirements for dancefloor game out of the way, here are top 5 ways you can approach girls to start dancing with them and build attraction.

1. High-Five Spin

This is one of my favorite openers because it is so effective and easy to use. It’s also a lot of fun for both of you and gets things going off to a great start. The great thing about this is that it can be used on and off the dance floor.

The high-five spin is a classic opener and sets the perfect frame and vibe for fun on the approach and can easily be transitioned into a dance afterward. There is no ambiguity or confusion as she knows you two are about to dance.

What’s also great about this is that it is very difficult to get rejected. Who turns down a high-five?

I’ve probably only be turned down from a high-five like 1 out of 1000 times because the other person would seem rude otherwise. It’s also a social custom to give someone a high-five back. It’s just something you do.

If she turns you down, it might be your delivery and approach or she’s just having a really shitty day.

Don’t beat yourself up if only one girl blows you off. Start experimenting with your delivery more if you get many rejections.

Here is how you initiate the high-five opener and transition…


Once you’ve smiled and made eye contact with her and you’re having fun and grooving to the music within a couple minutes away, raise your hand to signal a high-five!

The girl will usually laugh or smile back at you while she is dancing on the dance floor and either give you a high-five back or reach for your hand so you can easily grab it for the next move.

I love this move because you can easily calibrate and test for her compliance depending on how she responds to the high-five.

If she reaches for your hand and grabs onto to it, then you know you have more compliance and may escalate more rapidly.

If she just goes for a high-five, you can still grab onto her hand and take things forward, but it has to be calibrated.

Depending on how fast she does the high-five and if she retracts her hand quickly or has it lingers, you can find out if you have enough compliance to grab her hand for the next move.

No matter how she responds, as long as she goes for your hand, you’re in and can progress to the next step.

Spin Her!

After she reaches for your hand and you grab onto her’s, then you quickly spin her!

I should mention that you should use your right hand for the high-five and spin her to the right (clockwise).

After you’ve turned her around, you then place her hand behind your neck, so you’re now dancing close with her.

If she grabbed onto your hand during the high-five, you should have enough compliance to dance close with her.

Even if she just gave you a quick high-five, you can still transition with a spin and bring her close to you’re if you’re certain or smooth enough and don’t hesitate.

If you get any sort of obvious resistance like she tries to pull her hand away, don’t worry!

Just take a step back and continue to smile at her as you’re grooving and dancing in front of her. You’re just having fun and giving good vibes to everybody. You can smile and dance by yourself for a bit and open someone else.

Knowing when and how to transition or escalate will become a lot clearer once you start doing this enough times so you develop your social intuition and are able to calibrate based on her responses in realtime.

2. Dance-Off

The dance-off is a super fun and easy way to open a girl on the dance floor as well. It’s such a high-energy dance battle between you two that she just becomes fully invested in the interaction for you to take it forward.

Like I mentioned earlier in the previous opener, you must be having fun while grooving to the music and smile and make eye contact with her!

So how do you actually start a dance-off with a girl?

You need to be fully immersed in the music that is playing in the venue!


When you are fully letting loose on the dance floor, people around you will start gravitating towards your energy. One of two things will happen…

Either people around you will start observing you, cheer you on or envy your awesomeness and boldness to put yourself in the spotlight…

Or they will want to join and dance you!

Usually it will be one of the more fun or spontaneous girls that will want to join you, which is perfect because those are exactly the type of girls you want!

They are the ones that have the highest chance of going home with you that night.

She might already be dancing on the dance floor or she may doing something else nearby and notice and want to come into your bubble of fun energy and good vibes.

When you are going all out while you’re dancing, it is important that you are truly immersed in the music and you are not actively looking around to see if someone will join you.

You need to really be dancing for the sake of enjoying it!

Of course, the paradox is that you also need to be aware of the people around you so you occasionally make eye contact with them.

You can make eye contact with guys or girls. They may smile or laugh with you as you make eye contact with them.

So how do you know if someone wants to do a dance-off with you?

They will usually start trying “harder” to dance with you or show-off their dance moves.

You can continue dancing and give them a squint with your eyes as you casually look up and down their bodies as if you’re you’re judging their dance moves and skills to see if they get your approval.

After you guys have a short dance-off for a few seconds and show off a couple moves, you can take a short break while bouncing with your head and grooving to the music..

As you cross your arms while holding your chin with one of your hands to “judge” them even harder.

They may try to dance harder or dance closer to you.

You can then release your arms and start dancing again and slowly move closer to them. You can do the high-five spin at this point or simply grab one of their hands and start dancing with them.

3. High-Five And Spin 2 Girls

This move is a lot of fun too and can generate a lot of preselection and social proof throughout the venue and with the 2 girls you’re dancing with.

This is very similar to the high-five spin opener with a single, but you’re just doing it with 2 girls at the same time.

It’s actually pretty simple and, again, you must be having fun and smile as you make eye contact with them!

You just need to be certain of yourself and own it when you approach them!

You must assume that they will want to become a part of your fun vibe and energy!

Why would they not want to dance with an awesome and fun guy like you?

Here is how you spin both girls at the same time off the open…

First, you slowly walk up to them while you are dancing and grooving to the music.

You smile as look at both of them and raise both of your hands at the same time until both the girls grab onto both of them and you spin them both.

You then spin both girls in the clockwise direction. As you spin, you can do one of two things…

You can spin one girl off and have the other girl place her hand behind your neck and start dancing close with her or…

You can sandwich yourself between them and dance with both of them!

You can either start grinding with them and take things from there or focus on both girls for awhile or slowly transition more towards the girl you’re interested in.

4. Dance Circle

The dance circle is one of the funnest ways to start dancing with a girl. It can seem a little overwhelming for some guys, but you need to just fucking do it!

The hardest part is always just jumping into the middle and being the center of attention at first. Once you’ve done that, everything else is cake.

There may already be a girl or a few people dancing in the middle of the dance circle depending on how big it is, how much room there is, how spontaneous the people are, etc.

Here are some different scenarios to open for the dance circle…

Free girl dancing in the dance circle

If there is a free girl (meaning she isn’t directly dancing with a partner) already dancing in the middle of the dance circle, then you can simply just start dancing with her.

You can do the high-five spin or simply grab her hand and start dancing with her.

dance circle

Since you both are already in the middle of the dance circle, she has already accepted the spontaneous frame and will start dancing with you to keep that fun vibe going.

Girl standing outside the dance circle

If there isn’t a girl in the middle of the dance circle, you can simply lead one of the girls next to you to come in the middle with you and start dancing with them or take one of the other girls’ hands on the outside and dance with them.

Everybody wants to or wishes they can dance in the middle of the dance circle, but some may be a little shy and need someone to push or inspire them to dance there.

Women will find your initiative, spontaneity, leadership and fun energy attractive. This is massive and will help your game a lot.

5. Dance After Speaking With Her

Another way you can start dancing with a girl is when you’ve already started talking with your girl off the dance floor. You can easily transition to a dance anytime you feel like it or when you see she’s feeling it.

You can tell if she’s feeling it is when she’s bobbing her head or grooving to the music.

One of my favorite ways to start dancing after I’ve been talking to a girl for a while, is when the song suddenly changes or transitions into something I like or that we both like.

Even if I’m in the middle of a sentence, I’ll cut myself off and just start grooving to the song, and I may say something like, “Hold on a sec, I love this song!”

I’ll start bobbing my head and may sway a little bit side to side. She may laugh and start doing the same.

I’ll then really get into it and I’ll transition with the high-five spin and start dancing with her. Boom!

guy dancing with girl on the dancefloor

So there you have the top 5 ways to start dancing with a girl.

As you can see, much of it is your mindset and behavior before the actual dancefloor opener with a few technical steps afterward.

You need to get your delivery down so that you are having fun and grooving to the music as you smile and make eye contact with her.

Once you have those down, the rest is just a few moves to progress.

You can improve faster if you watch someone else doing it successfully and mimicking them. The only way to truly internalize this and start getting results is to go out there and practice!

You may stumble a few times and not “hook” the set. That’s OK!

Take that as feedback and you can continue to plow forward until you get compliance or tweak your delivery for the next set.

If you get any resistance from the set, like she’s actively moving away from you or tells you to leave, then you can leave the set and tweak your delivery for the next girl.

You’ll start becoming more calibrated and you’ll start hooking up and dancing with girls before you know it.

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