Spark Attraction Part 2 | Breaking Rapport

Breaking Rapport

We’ve already talked about the key to sparking attraction is to break rapport. I remember it was difficult for me to learn this as I was starting out with game.  I tended to be the nice guy that didn’t take any risky moves in the conversation.  I didn’t try to overstep my boundaries and cause any unpleasantness in the interaction.  This was the main thing that was holding me back for the longest time.

It wasn’t until I started using the different ways to break rapport that the interactions immediately did a 180 and the girl was all of a sudden interested in me.  Not only that, I was having a lot more fun while speaking with her while generating massive amounts of attraction.

The important thing to remember that these only work if she is already seeking rapport with you.  Otherwise these will just fall flat and she will not care.  Make sure you already have some good conversational skills to build rapport and qualify her to get investment.

Another scenario where you will want to use them is when she is breaking rapport with you or has done some undesirable behavior and you want to “punish” her.  It is also very important that you give her an opportunity to recover or she will just think you are a jerk.

You also don’t want to over do your breaks and cause a sever in rapport, which will basically allow for no chance in recovery and you will have lost the set.  However, once you find the sweet spot to break rapport just before that threshold, you will gain massive attraction and have a great time doing it. So how do we accomplish this? Here are some ways you can break rapport. Have fun using these 🙂guy gaming girl in park

Breaks in Rapport


These are very simple and can be very effective because this is something that some guys don’t do often as they try to agree with everything the girl is saying to seek her approval and hopefully gain some interest.  She will sense that you are not being your true self if you are just a Yes-man and she will consider you of lower value, less attractive, and not be able to fully trust you. You simply just have to be yourself and stick to your own opinions and beliefs when she brings something you are too fond off or have a disagreement with.

You shouldn’t get into an argument about it.  Just simply state it as fact of go over the top. For example, a girl you are talking to could say, “Cheeseburgers are the best late night food you can have after the bar.”  You could respond with, “No way! Pizzas are hands down… THE best late night food and hangover remedy… for ANY night.”  This is a playful disagreement and now she may start qualifying herself as to why she likes cheeseburgers so much.  Remember to not get into real argument over it and avoid sensitive topics like politics, religion, etc.


This is something that may sound counter-intuitive to some. Here you are basically telling or showing her why you and her would not potentially suit each other in a relationship.  Why would you explicitly tell her you would not be able to have a relationship with her if you are able and willing?

This will actually throw her normal pattern and routine off and she will wonder why you can’t be a potential suitor.  It also suggests to her that you have options and won’t just be with anyone. These disqualifications can either be real or false and should be said playfully or in a joking matter as to keep her guessing.

Some ways you can disqualify yourself is by jokingly saying that you would be a bad influence on her or you guys are too similar and would always get into fights.  If she is a blonde, you could say that you’ve only dated brunettes.  She could say that she is from Canada, and you could play it off as a dealbreaker and say, “Canada?!  Sorry, this could never work out…” or “Canada huh?  I’ve heard about you girls… ” She will ask what you’ve heard and you will smile and say, “You guys are nothing but trouble.”  A disagreement could also be a form a disqualification like the example above about pizzas and cheeseburgers.


This can be how you treated your younger siblings while growing up. You can playfully make fun of them for something that they can change about themselves, specifically something behavioral.  For example, you could say you don’t think she is spontaneous enough or hasn’t done anything adventurous. You can also say something sarcastically do a girl who is very bubbly, “You must have a very big book collection” or “You must have been a straight-A student in high school.”  If you do it right, they will laugh and try to qualify themselves.

Woman laughing
She’s laughing? The break in rapport worked!

There are a few more advanced breaking rapport techniques you can do.  In the meantime, try some of these breaking rapport tactics out and start seeing the big benefits from them.  What other ways can you think of to break rapport?

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    Second, my favorite break is disqualification. Haha the cocky response to saying I’m cute or humble is “thanks, i know.”

    I guests that could be teasing too

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