Attract Beautiful Women With This Incredibly Easy Psychological Hack

red sexual attraction

What creates attraction between a man and a woman? Look at the woman in red from The Matrix. What makes her sexually attractive? There are many things that can cause attraction. It can be obvious things like physical beauty, personality and status. But it can also include not so obvious things like, body and facial symmetry, proportions of the body (shoulder-to-hip ratio, or “SHR”, for men and waist-to-hip ratio, or “WHR”, for women).

There are ways you can attract women such as using game, which is what I talk about a lot on my blog. Game is your ability attract women with your words, tonality, body language, etc. It’s displaying your best traits and understanding female psychology to turn on the right triggers so she has no choice but wants to be alone and naked with you.

This can involve inner game, such as improving your confidence and framing of the situation to be positive. Or it can involve outer game, such as using some practical principles to have an interesting conversation to keep her engaged, break rapport to spark attraction, dance to sexually escalate, or have good fashion to subliminally attract her. What if I told you, you can drastically raise your attractiveness woman have towards you by using a simple and easy psychological trick that they won’t even know you are doing it?

Red increases attraction

There have been numerous studies that have discovered red is the color of sexual attraction. Some people may point out that this is not surprising. Red is usually associated with passion, love and eroticism. Red has also been a symbol of high status, power and strength in ancient societies. These stories of how these powerful men wore red in the past are interesting. We’ve had a feeling that the color red has had an effect, but there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence for this until recently.

The research has shown that there is a significant difference on how women perceive men to be more attractive when associated with the color red. This operates on a subconscious level so we usually aren’t even aware of it. The studies have shown that the effect works on both men and women.

Look at the woman in red again. Knowing what you know now, has anything changed? Probably not, if anything, thinking about it just makes you more attracted to her. Of course the woman in red would be gorgeous in a dress of another color, but it’s interesting to see how the color red increases attraction.

One study was conducted in four countries and showed a picture of a man to a group of men and women. The participants of the study were told it was research to explore their “first impressions of others.” Half of the women were randomly assigned and saw a picture of a man in a red background for five seconds. The other half saw the same man in in front of a white background.

The women rated the attractiveness of the man, and the picture of the man in front of a red background was ranked more attractive. Another experiment where they changed the color of the shirts of the same man had similar results. When they ranked the impressions of what the men thought about for the man in the picture, they found the difference in colors did not effect the rating, so the men didn’t care whether the guy had red or not.

They concluded that this shows the color red carries sexual messages and not just aesthetic ones. Other experiments found that the color red increased sexual attractiveness of men with women more than other colors, such as blue, black, grey, etc.

Another experiment showed that men in red were rated high in social status and higher potential for success. The color red didn’t effect the ratings on the man’s likeability, agreeableness, or sociability. Based on this finding, and other extensive readings, they have linked the sexual attractiveness of the color red to the male’s perceived high status.

Now you know why you are more likely to be attracted to women in red, but more importantly, how you can also be more sexually attractive to women. Red subconsciously triggers attraction to whatever it is associated with. We don’t exactly know why we are attracted to red, but it could be tied to our evolutionary biology. Other species are usually attracted to members of the opposite sex that display red colors. The genitalia of females become swollen and more red when they are fertile. Sometimes we even blush when we are aroused.

red shirt for manYou can hack into the matrix of her mind and seduce women with this simple trick of wearing something red to increase attraction. If you don’t have any red clothing, maybe it’s time to invest in something that could benefit you. Next time you go shopping, ask for some fashion advice on something red you can wear, like a shirt, and ask what goes good with that. When you go out and game with your new look, see if you notice any differences. Were you listening to me, or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?



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  1. Great article Will. 😀 This is quite true. Red the most powerful color. One who wears red stand out. But for me, I do not notice much difference in attraction wearing red, because women are always attracted to me despite of whatever I wear. You know I’m like Sri Lankan Clooney here. 😀 Just kidding I just wanted to feel good about myself. Just to boost my confidence a bit. Just an innocent thought you know 😀

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