Are You Sufficiently Knowledgeable In Real Sex?

hot sex ed teacherHow was your sex eduction? Depending on where you grew up, it may be different than what other people have learned. Some places in the US have a lack of access to accurate information about human sexuality. Research scientist, Debby Herbenick, discusses about the issues of the lack of awareness of sexual science to the general public and how to promote it and make sex normal.

It’s interesting to point out that areas in the US that have a lack of proper sex education or that sex is considered more taboo to talk about, have a higher rate of STDs. Not only is there a physical health, but also a mental and emotional benefit of promoting sex knowledge. Diseases will be lowered, and couples will have more stable and happy relationships where talking about sex is normal.

Sex should be healthy to talk about and kids and teenagers will live healthier lives and have happier relationships without being suppressed. I propose to take it one step further. What if we also taught social and emotional intelligence early in schools?


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