Are You A Virgin? | How I Lost My Virginity

woman lying in bedThere is a point in every man’s life when he hasn’t had sex with a girl yet. It’s perfectly normal and we all go through this. You may be a virgin for whatever reason, whether it being religious, family values, cultural, or involuntary celibacy. I’m not trying to change anybody’s views on the moral implications of being a virgin. This article is mainly geared towards guys who don’t want to be a virgin anymore and need some help overcoming it.

The average American loses their virginity at the age of 17. This happens usually on or before the big Prom night in high school. It’s considered a “right of passage” for some. If you’ve ever seen the movie, “American Pie”, you will see some hilarious situations of the guys when they make a pact to lose their virginity in high school. Watch the move if you want a good laugh. “How does third base feel like?”

If you’ve been a virgin longer than you have wanted and feel that it’s hopeless, no need to fret and get some apple pie. Maybe you were brought up in strict upbringing where it was considered immoral to have sex before marriage, but now that you’re older, you’ve decided that you want to have sex. Some guys just grew up naturally shy and introverted and didn’t develop the social skills to attract and have sex with a girl.

I grew up very shy and introverted and I was a late bloomer.  I had 2 early opportunities to have sex and lose my virginity. The first time I could have lost my virginity was when I was 17 years old. I was friends with this guy who organized video game tournaments and we both competed in national events. I went over his place a few times to practice on the video game.

One time he had a hot cousin who was visiting and staying over his place for a few weeks. We were friendly and polite to each other, but eventually sexual tension started to build. She started to have the hots for me and said that I looked like Superman, or Clark Kent. She loves Superman. She started to make moves on me, but I was too oblivious and inexperienced to recognize it or know what to do.

superman-clark-kent-routhMy friend had a BBQ one day and we ended up drinking and eating all day. I ended up staying over one night and slept on his couch downstairs. I got a nice wake-up call when the sun started coming up and I opened my eyes and I see her sitting nearly on top of me on the couch, looking straight into my eyes.

She leaned in, smiled and said, “Good morning…” You want to know what I did? I just smiled and replied, “Good morning.” Nothing happened. I didn’t try to kiss her or make any moves when she was putting it on a silver platter for me. It’s funny looking back on it now, hahahah. Later on that day, I realized that I needed to start making some moves. I had it planned out on my head. I would ask her out on a nice romantic date where we would have dinner and I would bring her roses. It was going to be “perfect” (lol), but it was becoming too late.

Pull the trigger

My friend and his cousin and I had breakfast that morning and I could notice that the attraction was quickly starting to fade. I noticed the vibe changing and she started talking about some guys she was dating and the spark wasn’t there anymore. All I needed to do was pull the trigger when I had the chance.

The 2nd time I could of had sex was when I was 20 years old and I visited Colombia. I was introduced to this hot girl through a cousin and we hanged out a few times. We made out in the back seat of the car on the way to the club and I managed to pull her back to where I was staying. But, I didn’t escalate enough and she got bored and wanted to leave.

The first time I had sex was when I was 22 years old in college. I was friends with her for a while but nothing really happened. I noticed she was starting to show more interest and flirting with me. One night she asked me what I was doing for New Year’s. I told her I had tickets to go to this club in New York City for open bar and food. She decided to come with me.

I met her at my apartment in NJ before we head out. She dressed all sexy and showed her cleavage so I knew this would be a good chance. We went to the club and started drinking. She grinded on me most of the night and we made out.

After the champagne toast, we stayed for a bit more and then headed back to my place. She decided to stay over and sleep on my bed. When I tried to close her, she game some LMR (last minute resistance), but I managed to stimulate her long enough with foreplay and close the deal. It was the quickest 1-2 minutes of my life.

congrats-sexYou might have finally met someone you’re attracted to and ready to have sex with her. You’re still a virgin but find out that she’s already had sex. This may put you in a weird mindset and be nervous, upset or jealous at her. What do you do when you’re a virgin and she isn’t? Recognize that it’s not a big deal and don’t judge her for it. It also can make things less awkward when she’s inexperienced and can help you in the process.

Generally, you shouldn’t admit that you’re a virgin to her. She may not want to deal with that and risk you getting attached or try to “teach” you. There’s no reason to bring it up. You don’t have to lie and say that you’ve had sex, but just be vague about if she does ask.

If she asks, “How many girls have you been with?” You could say, “There were few special girls in my life.” Then change the subject and ask her a different question. You could also just ignore it or say something funny in an exaggerated romantic way like, “Oh baby you’re the only girl in my life…” She’ll know you’re kidding and then you could change the topic.

It’s pretty interesting and funny recalling my early journey in this part of my life. It makes you appreciate what you have learned to grow and become better at game. I lost my virginity by learning how to lead the set and overcome LMR. I learned from my previous “failures” what to do next time so I escalated and closed the deal. I’ve had a lot of fun since then and learned how to have a sex with virgins. There’s always something new and exciting to discover to become even better at game.

If you want to lose your virginity or just become better at game in general, then you need to take more action. Start approaching more sets and gaining valuable experiences. Learn from your mistakes, change it up and correct them next time. There is no such thing as “failure”, only growth. Are you taking action?Woman-Silhouette-Waiting-sunset

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