Are Women Huge Perverts?

perverted woman?Men and women are both sexual creatures. Popular opinion suggests that most men are pigs or perverts, but want about the women? Could they also be perverted as well? One man decided to test out this theory by carrying out an experiment on a subway. He wore a tight pants and strategically arranged a flaccid bulge and placed a camera near his crotch. The guy looked away, read or pretended to be a sleep to catch the women’s reactions. The results may shock you!

Women were not shy at all on taking a quick look at this guy’s crotch. Some of them starred for a long time and others even took a picture! Some girls were biting their lips and you could tell they were imagining or fantasizing the potential for sex. There were some girls that seemed to be sexually frustrated and didn’t know what to do! The women felt comfortable looking at his crotch because he wasn’t looking at them, but there was definitely a lot of sexual tension going on.

It’s no surprise that women love sex just as much or even more than men. There are more nerve endings in their private parts than men and can experience some sexual pleasures that are unique to them. Appealing to their emotions can create intense orgasms during sex. This post is not to bash or label people as perverts in any way, but to shed light on sexual desires for both sexes.

Don’t be ashamed of your sexuality, but embrace it. Don’t rely on fantasies and “what ifs” by not doing anything about it. This will only create excess potentials and cause sexual frustration. If you truly want to experience sex than you need to take action. Women will rarely make the first move for fear as being labeled as sluts or too easy. Plus they get approached a lot by men throughout the day so they don’t have to rely on opening. It also helps them filter out the guys who are confident enough to approach them. It is up to you to start the game, attract, calibrate, make them feel comfortable and lead.

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