Always Be Leading!

Always be leading, always be leading, always be leading! I cannot stress this enough. This is something that made my game so much better once I started doing this. Initially I would just game the girl and just go with the flow of the interaction. I didn’t really have any plan or lead the conversation or interaction. I would mostly let her run the interaction while I occasionally threw in some teases and qualifications. Sometimes I would get “lucky” and sometimes I wouldn’t. It wasn’t until I just told myself to start leading more often and then do it that I began to see a massive increase in results.

It is a known psychological fact that most people like to be lead. It may be perceived as easier for them or whatever the case may be. It is also known that leadership is an attractive quality that women perceive in men. When a woman sees that the man is not leading the conversation or interaction, she will then, consciously or subconsciously, fill in the leadership role and her attraction towards you will begin to dwindle and/or the set may not go where you want to go. Unless she is extremely attracted and ready to go, she is usually not going to initiate the pull.

Start leading.


I was in Santa Monica Beach yesterday for 4th of July and I opened a cute Asian girl that was walking on the sidewalk. I complimented what she was wearing and she thanked me. I transitioned and found out she is visiting California for 2 weeks for work and has a flight to catch at 1am (it’s around 6:30pm now) back to Malaysia. The set is going well and I tell her about this cool day bar called The Bungalow. She was interested in checking it out before her flight and so I lead her there. Once we get inside, I tell her I need to show her something. I then grab her hand and lead her to the back room bar. I wanted to grab a drink of water but the bartender said they have it at the bar outside. We then moved towards the outside bar.

At this point, I continue to game her with a few breaks in rapport and illicit investment from her with qualification. I escalate a bit throughout the interaction and when she said something I liked and thought it was cute, I rewarded her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She enjoyed that and then began to see more signs of interest from her. I do a future projection of us traveling the world together to create comfort and a spontaneous and adventurous vibe for a pull. I tell her we will start tonight when I go to Malaysia with her. She tells me that I can if I want. I then look at her, smile, and say, “C’mon let’s go.” I grab her hand and then lead her back inside. She grabs my hand a little tighter than before, showing more interest. Once we’re back at the first bar inside, I stop walking, turn to my side, and kiss her and she kisses back. I say, “C’mon” and continue walking and leading her throughout the bar. She grabs my hand even tighter and even sensually rubs my hand with her fingers, showing a lot more interest.

I wasn’t familiar with Santa Monica and she was staying at a hotel a good distance away so I couldn’t think of a sex location to pull at. I told her, “let’s sit down over here” so I could gather my thoughts about where to pull. We talk for a bit and then I remember the private bathroom stalls on the beach. I then tell her that we’re going someplace else, and we then get up and start waking back towards the beach. I notice she is not squeezing as tightly or rubbing my hands as much, which means I accidentally lowered her state and adventurous vibe when we sat down instead of continuing to walk in the moment. There was still enough attraction for me to lead her to the beach and I did a few make-outs on the way there to pump her state up and talking about her to build comfort. We eventually made it to the beach and started to see the sunset. I kissed and embraced her for a bit. Short while later, I pulled her into the private bathroom and escalated.

The younger me would not have been able to pull this off. I was not fully aware of my actions and stage in the interaction to begin to lead it and take it where I wanted to go. When I had a more comfortable grasp on building attraction and comfort, I was then able to work on my leading skills and move the conversation or set where I wanted to go. You will begin to see more attraction from the girls you are gaming and have more success when you are fully leading the set. It’s actually easier than you think once you start to get the momentum going. Are you a leader or a follower?

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