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Here’s What Will Edward Is All About

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions…

How do I approach cute girls?

How do I initiate an interesting and fun conversation?

How do I attract hot women?

How do I dance with her without being a great dancer?

How do I seduce her in a way that will make her feel comfortable ad want to be seduced?

How do I create and develop a social circle and lifestyle with an abundance of beautiful women vying for my attention?

…you’re in the right place.

Everybody has attractive qualities. Everybody has intrinsic value that can be offered to others. Most people are not willing to put themselves out there and show that they have value. They haven’t developed the confidence to show off their attractive qualities and have others be drawn to them. This website is aims to help others achieve success in this part of their lives. We all have the capacity to become a greater version of ourselves from yesterday. Today is the day where you elevate your game.

Here you will find various topics related to self-development, lifestyle design and game. Game is a broad topic. It can be the ability pickup that hot broad across the bar. It can be the ability to network and build relationships with influential people. It can be the ability to build quality friendships with people where you can provide mutual benefits. It can be the ability to influence others so they want to be able to help you and succeed. Game is essentially the social skills and lifestyle design you’ve developed and created to get what you want out of life.

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I was your typical geeky kid who played video games growing up. I did well in school. I got scholarships and attended a prestigious university. I even became a professional e-Sports player and got sponsored to travel the country to compete in video games. However, moving often and being a natural introvert, it was difficult to build my social skills and connect with people.

I was a late bloomer. I did not get my first kiss until I was 20 years old when I went to a foreign country and I had only one girlfriend up to that point… and even that only lasted a few months. I had moments of high anxiety where I was terrified to even buy something at the supermarket. I was frustrated with the quality of my life and I was unhappy. I was successful in my career and had good health, but I was a failure in the dating aspect of my life. I eventually reached a tipping point. I needed to do something about it.

I began researching online on how to build my social skills and become more attractive to women. I started applying what I learned and saw some success but at painfully slow pace. I started to see some success by just comfortably talking to strangers. I was eventually able to hold a conversation for a while. Then I was able to get the phone number or kiss. I then reached a milestone and lost my virginity. I still was not satisfied with my progression as I had a lot of inner demons and core issues.Las VegasI knew it was time for some serious training with some experts. I started taking bootcamps with some reputable companies and instructors and saw some jumps in my game, but I wasn’t able to maintain that momentum after the training was over. Instead of going for a quick temporary fix where I couldn’t hold myself accountable, I went for a more permanent solution. I decided joined an immersion program where I lived in a PUA house with the pick-up guru, Luke Krogh, and a few other instructors and students in Las Vegas over the summer.

Over the course of that time, I went out every day and night and focused solely on game. I would talk about game constantly with my roommates and go over field reports with the instructors. I would see them pull throughout the week and the lifestyle would just rubbing off on me. I then started getting laid consistently and knew I was on the right track. I improved my game tremendously and fixed many gaps and core issues. It blew my mind to see what I was capable of and now I had the core confidence and skills I was looking for.

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I went from being clueless video game geek, where I couldn’t even relate to my friends about their successes with women, to becoming somebody who they came to for advice now. I have helped my friends and wings become successful with women and got them laid. I began helping guys at PUA World Conferences over the weekends to allow them to approach any woman and close her. I found that to be an extremely fun and rewarding experience and I continue to enjoy helping others reach the same potential.New York CityI moved back to New York continuing to improve myself every step of the way. My aim is to provide knowledge on everything I learned to help you obtain the lifestyle that you want. I believe anybody is capable of reaching their goals and becoming the best version of themselves.

I am a public speaker, and organizer for weekly events and meet ups in the city. Join our FaceBook group and Meetup events where I give talks, have guest speakers and we share ideas and organize events to meet and game. I also travel frequently between New York, Las Vegas, California, and any other cities where I help other guys reach their goals. You can add me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @ElevatedWill. Find out how to start having more abundance in your life and attract beautiful women by signing up for updates below.


Don’t know where to start on my site? Here’s some material to get you started so you can start gaming…

One of my best posts that teaches the fundamentals and some advanced level game is 15 Pickup Essentials That Will Make You More Attractive And Elevate Your Game. This is a great list of pickup tactics and methods to help with you with attracting women whether you are a complete beginner or an intermediate who need a refresher.

My good friend, Kenny, has published my guest blog post on his website. Check out How Flirting Made Me A Better Person. The journey to becoming more social and flirtatious is one of the most fundamental skills to personal development in many areas or your life. I’ve gained so much more than just knowing how to attract and sleep with women. Your life will be much easier and you’ll be a better person overall.

You can also check out my post on How To Give A Girl The Perfect Kiss on Tripp Advice. This post has everything you need to know on how to give her that great kiss and also comes with video examples. Tripp has a lot of great advice on dating and attracting women as well so you should definitely read and watch some of this stuff.

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