3 Rapid Escalation Steps To Passionate Sex With Her

We are living in fast times. Everybody wants instant gratification and sex. Men and women are biologically hard-wired to be attracted to each other. There’s no reason you should waste time if you’re both ready now.

There is your standard physical escalation ladder where you show that you’re interested in the girl so you don’t fall into the friendzone. Then there’s rapid escalation where you can skip all the bullshit and get down to business fast.

I’ve used rapid escalation to get make-outs with girls within seconds or pull girls back to the bathroom, car or any other private location within minutes and have passionate sex with her. You can too.

What is Rapid Escalation?

Rapid escalation is a fun and efficient way to escalate on the girl in a calibrated way. You are screening her to see if she’s sexually interested in you early on so you don’t waste time and act now.

In short, it’s condensing the standard escalation ladder so you can go for the kiss, make-out or pull within minutes or seconds. The pull may usually take several hours but you can speed it up and do it at a fraction of the time.

Why expend more energy and time than you need to or risk having her get bored? Instead of going up the painfully slow escalation ladder, you’ll be taking the blazingly fast escalation elevator straight to the bedroom…or bathroom…

elevators exterior

I used to go through the normal escalation routine where I might go for a high-five then calibrate to a hand-shake or hug and then continue to qualify her and escalate to reward her for her investment.

This was really effective and I would generate a lot of attraction and investment from her that would lead to a kiss and eventually a pull, but I wanted to become more efficient.

I’ve experimented different ways I could escalate early.  I was excited to realize that women are much more susceptible to rapid escalation. It was a huge epiphany for me and my game started to take off and so did my results.

How to Rapidly Escalate?

I’ve found out that with the right vibe, energy and calibration, I could escalate much more quickly than I thought was possible. It was opening another world of possibilities to me that was taking me on for a wild ride.

I was making out or pulling girls within minutes or seconds of meeting them. I didn’t figure this all out on my own. I talked about game theory with my wings and mentors over a period of time.

Here is what I’ve discovered I could do as soon as I met a girl to generate massive attraction to a kiss or pull and how you can do the same. This is the escalation elevator that I used to fast-track the seduction process.

Rapid Escalation Elevator To Make-Outs And Sex

The energy of your opening, how you calibrate your escalation and how you maintain or increase that sexual tension are the 3 main keys of rapid escalation. Your opener is what allows her to become more receptive to your advances.

1. High Energy Open

I always open a set with a slightly higher energy level than where the set is at. I’ll be enthusiastic to keep her engaged and interested. Many people, especially guys she meets in bars, tend to be value seekers.

When I do something different and offer the girls value and energy instead, they will be hooked and want more. This works even better if they are already out having fun and giving energy to others through their positive vibes.
Man and woman smiling at each otherHowever, even with the value seekers or girls that seek validation, you can offer unconditional value to them and most of them will come around and want to give value back.

But even if they don’t, you’re still just giving value to everybody and getting intrinsic reward from your own actions and others will sense that and want to gravitate towards you. Everybody ends up winning.

Anyway, back to rapid escalation… I will deliver my high energy opener, which is usually a compliment about something they have put work into, such as their hair, dress, style, shoes, etc. For example,I could say, “Wow! I love your hair!”

It has to be genuine and believable. Don’t say that if it looks like they just woke up. They won’t believe you because it will come off as disingenuous. They have to actually put effort into something you’re complimenting.

As I am delivering my opener, I will speak with a loud, clear and deep but neutral rapport seeking tonality. I am saying my opener with a huge smile and hold direct eye contact and won’t say or do anything until I get a positive response.

This demonstrates a fun and confident vibe. I assume they will give me a positive response, but I’ll still remain non-reactive and nonjudgmental if they give me a neutral or negative response. They will usually say, “Thank you!” with a big smile.

2. Calibrated Transition To A Kiss

You will calibrate your escalation and transition based on her receptiveness. Even if the girl is not being that receptive, but if you’re frame is strong enough, then you may be able to still rapidly escalate.

This will be a pattern interrupt for her and she will see that you are more certain than she is and she will come into your reality. But it has to calibrated.

You must be calibrated!

This means that once you start escalating, if you notice any HINT of discomfort from her, you have to be much more sensitive to her behaviors and adjust accordingly. It’s like balancing yourself as you walk on a tightrope.

tightrope walker

This will become easier as you become more advanced through reference experiences. You will soon develop the social intuition to start backing off before she even gives off any hints. she will just start leaning in and chasing you more.

For now, especially if you are starting off, you can follow these general guidelines on how to calibrate your transition based on her receptiveness.

Receptive Calibration

There is no clear way to categorize her receptiveness, such as great, good or bad because it’s like a spectrum with gradual differences. Your calibration will make the micro-adjustments to a surprisingly accurate degree.

There is almost an infinite amount of things you can do while you are calibrating on your escalation. However, for ease of simplicity and to provide a general guideline, here are the essential or foundational ways you can calibrate.

If she shows any signs of receptiveness, whether she says “Thanks” or simply smiles at you, I will high-five her or bring her in for a hug and say something like, “You’re so (awesome / cute/ adorable)! Where are you from?”

If she’s really feeling me, she might just go straight up to me and hug me. When I raise my hand for a high-five, it may look like I’m going for a hug so she may just assume I want a hug and just lunge in and hug me.

This ambiguous gesture with raising my hand leaves it up to her for how she wants to take it. She will perceive it as either a high-five or hug based on how interested she is. When I feel like she will reciprocate, I will go in for a hug myself.

If she gives a neutral or slightly negative response, I will just smile, give her a high-five, continue to frame her as being friendly, ask her where she is from. I’ll just game her normally by qualifying and breaking rapport to spark attraction.

Great Receptiveness

What if she gives you an amazing response off the open? This is the ideal situation. If you open with the right energy and delivery and your girl is in the right state or environment, she may give you the biggest IOI (indicator of interest).

Sometimes she may even just go in and just give you a kiss on your lips as you get closer to her because of your confident and energetic opening!

salor moon and tuxedo mask anime eyesShe doesn’t even have to be in that great of a mood or state for her to give you a great reaction. When you go in extremely positive and give her lots of fun energy, she will become captivated by it and give you the anime eyes.

You’ll see an instant shift in her facial and body expressions. It’s amazing. It’s almost like magic. She may just give you the biggest smile where the corner of her eyes crinkle and give a positive verbal response like, “Thank you!”

She could also just look extremely intently in your eyes and may even do the seductive gaze where she triangular gazes you or quickly scans your body up and down. This is the “I want to fuck you” gaze. This is a good sign to kiss her.

She could also just say another extremely positive verbal response and say something like, “Oh my god! I love you!” and then lunge into you and give you a hug.

If she does any or a combination of these things, then there is a high chance that you can get the kiss. While you’re hugging her, you can simply look intently at her and triangular gaze for about a second and go in for a kiss without hesitation.

It’s important you go for the kiss without hesitation. Any amount of hesitation will kill the sexual tension and your initial window of opportunity will be lost.

What if she rejects you?! If she was extremely receptive on the open and you were hugging her and closing the space between you two for sexual tension and went for the kiss without hesitation, then there is a low chance she will reject.

If she rejected you, it may have been because you hesitated for a second too long. However, some girls may not be ready for it even if she is attracted to you and everything was going right and you didn’t hesitate for the kiss,

They may simply turn there head and giggle when you go for the kiss. That’s OK. You can just kiss them on the cheek and continue gaming and try again later. Now you’ve set the frame as a confident, sexual guy and she may be ready later.

Good Receptiveness

If she is somewhat neutral or gives a slightly positive response, I’ll still give her a high-five, bring her in for a hug and kiss her on the forehead to demonstrate authority, good feelings and start some sexual tension.

The forehead kiss will trigger positive emotions from her past.

The only people that have done this were either her boyfriends or her father. After I’ve kissed her, I will immediately say, “You’re so adorable / cute! Where are you from?” to further strengthen the frame and get more positive response from her.

*Note* If you see she is with people, you can simply hug her, hold off on the forehead kiss and say “Who you are here with?” instead of “Where are you from?” to screen if her boyfriend or husband may be in the group.

I’ve actually had some close calls when I rapidly escalated and she was into me, but then the boyfriend / husband came by and pushed me off and dragged her away. I always ask who she’s there with if there are people around her!

If I sense a strong amount of attraction from her after I’ve kissed her on the forehead, I’ll go more direct and say that she is sexy and ask where she’s from.

If I high-five her instead of the hug after the opener, I will usually grab her hand and pull her in so I can speak into her ear while my other hand is resting behind her back.

She will usually do the same as well, which is a good indicator because she is also escalating on you. I will then transition and say into her ear, “You’re really friendly! Where are you from?”

If I feel that there is enough attraction based on her receptiveness, I will say, “You’re so adorable / cute!” instead of framing her as being friendly.

If I say that she is friendly when she has clearly displayed a lot of interest, I would be taking a step back instead of forward.

It’s similar to a girl giving you a invitation to approach her by giving you strong eye contact and then you go indirect and ask her opinion on something. It’s incongruent and uncalibrated.

Wherever they say they are from, I will act excited and surprised and say, “Oh my God!” and then give her a forehead kiss if I haven’t already.

I’ll do this when I know she doesn’t have a boyfriend / husband (or she hasn’t told me they are nearby when I asked her who she is there with).

I will justify it by saying, “I love people from (where she’s from) because they are so (positive behavioral traits)!” I may frame her using positive stereotypes I know from her area or I may use generic good ones such as warm, friendly, fun, etc.

Bad Receptiveness

If she isn’t that receptive, I will still remain non-reactive and maintain my smile and give her a high-five. I will still frame her as being “friendly” even if she isn’t because it will be a pattern interrupt and will cause her cognitive dissonance.

She may look surprised and ask, “Really? You think I’m friendly?” and you’ll continue and smile as you say, “Yea! You’re really friendly! Where are you from?”

If you’re frame and persistence is strong enough, she will eventually start falling into that friendly frame and act more friendly towards you.

I may not give her a hug or kiss her on the forehead yet until I start seeing some receptiveness or compliance from her. I will keep gaming and calibrate.

You may not be able to rapidly escalate with her just yet, but you can still qualify her and break rapport and game her normally. You may be surprised how often you can turn around a “bad” set and the girl will start investing towards you.

3. Calibrating Sexual Tension, Leading and Pulling

After the forehead kiss, I will continue to hug her or place my hands on her hips, while having intimate eye contact with her. This will increase sexual tension to build up to the kiss if I haven’t already, or set the tone for a quick pull later.

sexual-tensionIf I haven’t kissed her yet, I will gauge her responses for receptiveness and go in for the kiss or continue to qualify her. If she rejects the kiss, I’ll increase sexual tension by maintaining intimate position, qualifying her and try again later.


Depending on how good the logistics are, I will either continue rapidly escalating to spike her BT and lead the set towards the pull or slow down after I’ve already kissed her but still maintain that sexual tension and work my towards the pull.

Good logistics means that there is a sex location within the immediate area that I can pull her in so I can take advantage of her high BT (buying temperature). That means that it will only take a few minutes or less to get to that location.

A sex location can be private bathroom, your car, or somewhere else private.

If I don’t pull her soon while her BT is high, it will drop and the window will close.

You will have either validated her or she won’t feel comfortable going through it again. Neither is good. She won’t be comfortable because she is consciously aware of it and won’t want to do it even if she was feeling the right emotions.

Sexual Tests

If the logistics are good, I will rapidly escalate while calibrating on how she receptive she is or how she is escalating back.

I will do quick tests to see how she responds to my touch. While I’m already hugging her, I may slowly grab her and bring her closer to me. I may start rubbing my hands slowly down her back and grab her ass.

If she doesn’t move back, or better yet, she starts escalating on me by grabbing me closer or grabbing my ass, then I’m golden. Sometimes she may even start grabbing my dick! If that happens, then I’ll start leading for the pull ASAP.

Other things I may do slowly glide my hands on the sides of her body or sides of her breasts. This is especially easy on the dancefloor when you are grinding with her. There are other more advanced sexual tests that require heavy calibration.


So she’s receptive towards your sexual tests or is grabbing your ass or dick?! Great! How do you pull her to a sex location?

You could simply say, “Let’s get out of here…” and start leading her by the wrist.

You assume she will say yes, and they usually do, or she will simply follow you without saying anything.

If she gives some pushback or resistance, then you just remain non-reactive and say, “We’re going on an adventure…”

She’s not dumb and knows what you actually mean, but this comforts her and frames it as being an adventure, which sounds much better than, “We are going to fuck.”

If she gives you any excuses like, “I can’t leave my friends behind” or “I can’t leave the club”, then simply logically address them by saying, “We’ll be right back.” She needs to get her phone or ID? Have her get her phone or ID.

The key is to not be needy and remain non-reactive. You are simply offering her a fun time and your fulfillment is not dependent on her coming with you.

What if her friends start worrying about her? Ideally, you will have either addressed the friends before by introducing yourself, building rapport with them so they feel comfortable and trust you alone with your girl.

If not, then address them if they are nearby and build rapport with them then. This is exactly what happened to me when I was about to pull this girl within 20 minutes of meeting her in the club.

Once you have solved any possible issues and have the right logistics and BT, then you must lead with absolute certainty to the sex location. Continue qualifying her to get investment, then escalate and close at a private sex location.

passionate sexIf logistics aren’t good for an immediate pull, I will simply stop spiking her BT and just continue to qualify her as I lead her for a move around the venue, bounce to another place and pull later.

Those are the 3 steps for rapid escalation you can use to build massive attraction quickly for make-outs and screen girls for a pull within minutes or seconds. Use the high-energy opener to have her be very receptive to your quick escalation.

You will be calibrating constantly by being aware of how she responds to your touch and you adjust your speed or take a step back and try again later.

You may not be able to do all this on your first time. It will take a lot of practice and reference experiences to develop the social intuition and calibration. I hope these steps have given you a much clearer picture on how escalate rapidly.

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