25 Ridiculously Easy Things You Can Do To Achieve An Awesome Dating Life And Meet More Beautiful Women Anywhere, Anytime

wine date man womanLet’s be honest, you’re either unsatisfied with your dating life or just plain fed up with women and can’t figure out what makes them tick and get them attracted to you. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be here.

It’s OK! I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. I grew up most of my life completely confused and unsure how to get girls to like me, let alone get them on a date!

I did what I thought girls wanted to get them to like me. I started working out, eating healthy, got a really good job, my own nice place in the city to meet more women, and even took dance classes!

But, my results barely changed! I was hard case and it took me a while to get this part of my life handled.

I did plenty of research, studied and practiced under some the of the best people people in the industry. They range from doctors of psychology and evolutionary biology, expert dating coaches and mentors, my friends who were natural with women and from my own extensive research and experience I’ve gained in the field by gaming real girls.

It took me several years to get where I am at today. I went from a complete awkward wallflower that was terrified to talk to strangers (even to the cashiers at the supermarket!) to someone who is comfortable around people, enjoys being social and gets invited to parties and events with beautiful, hot women.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to go through all the same painful trial and error I had to go through. You don’t have go through all the advice out there and sift through all the crap.

I’ve condensed the most important things you need to know to start applying right now. This will help shave off much of your learning curve to meet somebody tonight or today! Here is a list of top 25 things to start getting an amazing dating life and meet more beautiful women…

1. How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

It’s no secret that most guys don’t know how to start a conversation, let alone being a good conversationalist with a girl. How do you randomly go up to a stranger and start an engaging and interesting conversation when you don’t know anything about each other? Not to mention the fear and anxiety that goes along with it. It can be nerve-racking!

It doesn’t have to be that way. Most girls are pretty friendly or polite, so even if you approach them, you will rarely (if ever) get a harsh rejection if she’s not receptive.

FlirtingSometimes even being honest with them and telling them that you’re nervous to approach them can be endearing and they will be friendly towards you. Women appreciate genuineness and authenticity because it is a rare trait. Most guys try to act “cool” and come off as fake.

There are a few ways you can start and have a conversation with a girl. The best way is to go situational or observational. That means talk about something that is relevant in the moment. Most people are already in a though pattern that is related to the environment.

If you comment on something interesting around or what they may be thinking about, you will hit a home run. You will build rapport quickly, have a commonality on the situation and be on the same wavelength. Injecting humor into it will have an even greater effect.

2. Good Conversation Starters

You know how to start a conversation with a girl with the situational opener, but what are some other good conversation starters?

You can either approach her indirectly (where you don’t explicitly show your interest towards her ) or directly (where you let her know your intentions). Indirect is low risk / low reward, while direct is high risk / high reward. The situational opener is an indirect approach but there are a few others that are also effective.

man woman conversation drinking waterThere are many ways to approach a woman. Functional openers involve very safe questions, such as asking for the time or directions. She will most likely answer your question or tell you she doesn’t know. The point of the open is to just get her talking.

Complimentary openers are pretty safe as well since you’re simply complimenting her on something she’s wearing, her style, or something she has put effort into that isn’t her natural beauty. Commenting or remarking on her beauty would be considered a direct opener and can be used if you’re confident and comfortable enough for it to work.

There are certain cues, or approach invitations, you could look out for like if she smiles and give you eye contact. You could also ask for her opinion on something or ask an open-eneded question.

3. How To Talk To Girls

You have a few tools in your arsenal to start a conversation with her, but how do you continue the interaction and talk to girls?

Most guys get this wrong and do some things that actually cause you to lose attraction with the girl. They like to show off and brag about what they have or accomplished to the girls and hope they will like them. This is the worst thing you can do. Don’t do that! You’re qualifying yourself too much in the interaction and being obvious that you are trying to impress her.

What you should be doing instead, is to get her to invest. Investment is a key element of game. Whoever invests more, is chasing and whoever is investing less, has more power in the interaction. Get her to invest! How do you get more investment from her?

guy-talking-to-girlYou can qualify her to get investment. Get her talking about herself with open-ended questions. Dig deep and get emotional responses from her. Of course, don’t talk about how her relative just died from the start, but you can slowly build up to it and get an emotional connection with her.

You can also ask her for small favors. People tend to like people they do favors for! This also gauges her compliance and see how further you can take the interaction.

Another way to get investment is to make a statement relative to the interaction or environment. You’re not asking a question is this case, so you’re investing less but if she answers, she is investing even more because you didn’t ask for her input. Though it is generally better to make statements and then add a question at the end to ensure a higher response rate.

4. What To Talk About With A Girl

You got the girl talking to you. Great! Now let’s take it further and start talking about whatever to keep her interested. There are some ways to talk to a girl without it getting boring.

You can keep things light and surface level at first and then get into more personal things once you’ve established enough rapport and comfort. You can talk about mainstream stuff at first or what are your plans for the day or weekend.

Remember to smile enough to develop trust and connection between you two, but don’t overdue it. Last thing you want is for her to think you’re weird or awkward with your obviously faked and forced smile. Genuinely smile and she will reciprocate.

man woman smiling eye contactAnother important thing is to maintain good eye contact with your girl. Don’t stare at her. If you hold eye contact and don’t approach, you will creep her out. Go approach!

Once you’ve established eye contact and in conversation, maintain for most of the time, while occasionally glancing to the side to make her feel comfortable. If you want to increase sexual tension you just need to hold eye contact and have pauses, or moments of silence. The longer you do this, the stronger the sexual tension will be.

Be positive and don’t bring the mood down. Girls want to have fun, not talk about serious or depressing world issues (unless you’re deep in conversation about her personal issues to create an emotional connection). Keep things light and playful. Make her laugh and ask questions about her to get her to invest.

5. Good Questions To Ask A Girl

Remember that it’s better to have the girl speak more than you are because she will be investing more. You don’t want to come off as bragging either. Everybody’s favorite topic is themselves, so get them talking and they won’t stop! In order to do this, you need to ask her questions or make statements that illicit a response. There are some great questions to ask her to get her investing.

fashionable-woman-thinkingOne of the questions could be, “What’s your favorite place in the entire world?” Sometimes I ask something similar like, “What’s your favorite place/country/city that you’ve visited?” This hits a nostalgic memory and brings out all the position emotions from it. She is remembering the place and talking about it. You can continue to qualify her and ask deeper questions like “why” or “how” to get more good emotions out and associate them towards you.

6. Questions To Ask A Girl

You can always get more interesting information out of her and keep the conversation engaging by asking her questions! It’s also important to note that you should make a relevant statement after her response and then ask another question, either related to something she just said or you can cut the thread and ask a different question. This rewards her for giving you information and talking with you so she continues. There are many questions to ask her to keep the conversation going and fun.

Want to know what type of person she is by asking it in a non-boring way? You could ask, “What superpower would you have for one day?” You may be surprised what types of powers girls would like to have. She probably hasn’t have had anybody ask her that question and she will start thinking and role-playing with the idea.

7. Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl

Want to take things to the next level? Start asking some flirty or raunchy questions! Obviously, you usually can’t go into the good stuff right away, but you can slowly build your way up to it. Some girls might be a little wild or open and you can jump into some of these, but you have to feel it out and be calibrated.

Ask her what’s the most spontaneous or fun thing she’s ever done off the whim. You can playfully tease her if it’s not too wild or reward her for her answer. A fun game you can also play is the drinking game from Game of Thrones where you take turns making assumptions about each other.

8. Deep Questions To Ask A Girl

Want to go deep? That’s what she said. OK, let’s get serious, for now.  Sometimes you will want dig deeper with some insightful questions. Strong connections are built on emotional investment and being honest and vulnerable with each other.

Most people keep conversations on surface level where we rarely get to know each other. You will be qualifying her throughout the interaction and slowly build up your way to deeper question. Stay away form religious or political topics as a heated debate could arise.

Ask open-ended questions that gets her investing emotionally, not logically. Dig deeper and ask “how” she felt about what she told you or “why” she did something.

girl in deep thoughtThere are some deep questions you can ask her Some of these are too serious and shouldn’t even be talked about. Anything involving death should be treaded lightly and it has to be calibrated for the girl. For example, you wouldn’t ask a crazed, partied out, ADHD bimbo club girl, “What will people say at your funeral?”

Some of these are good, but very personal and should be asked only when you’ve gotten enough compliance and investment from her. For example, a fun question to start off with may be, “If your entire life was a movie, what title would best fit?” and if she gives a short answer and doesn’t explain it, then you could qualify her and ask, “Interesting…why?”

9. How To Talk To Girls At Parties

You’ll get invited to parties or might throw one where there will be plenty of cute girls for you to talk to. It’s pretty easy as the host since you have the most social value and central link to everyone.  But what if you’re just a guest, how do you talk to girls at parties? It’s actually easier than you think!

house-partyYou know the basics of approaching and opening women. You can use any of types of openers we talked about, especially the situational, or just go up to them, smile and simply say, “Hi” and introduce yourself. If you know at least one person in the party, you could catch up with them and have them introduce you around.

Everybody will be friendly and receptive since everybody is part of the same social circle. You can then transition and ask her questions and get her to qualify herself. And remember that it’s a party so just relax and have fun!

10. What Do Women Find Attractive

Don’t know what women find attractive in men? You could ask them and find out! Luckily, someone from reddit already asked women what they thought was attractive men already, that the men don’t even know they’re doing it. Some of them may surprise you.

Women find the things men do as being attractive include things such as being kind to people, rolling up your sleeves to showing your forearms, speaking passionately, cooking, and even concentrating hard on something.guy forearm

11. How To Get A Girl To Like You

Want to know even more ways to get a girl to like you? Of course you do! You can incorporate other behaviors and tactics to grab your girl’s attention. These can range from slowing down your walking speed to display confidence to lowering your voice and even taking her out for Thai food!

Remember you don’t want to qualify yourself and come off as bragging? It’s better to get her qualifying and once you’ve developed enough attraction, she will start asking you questions and you can reveal some interesting bits and pieces about you. It’s generally better to keep some mystery and have her work to get information about you.

12. How To Be Attractive To Women

We all know why you’re here. You want to make yourself more attractive to women. This rabbit hole goes deep and there is plenty of research and science to show how you can be a man-sex god that women cannot resist. Some of these include having an entourage or going out with wingmen. Women find men to more attractive when they are having fun in a group then in a bar by themselves.

Can’t find a good wingman? Have a baby with you or be loving to one nearby! Women love men that are caring and playing with babies as it shows good traits for  partner. If you have a dog, walk it! Women are 3 times more likely to give out their numbers to guys who are good with babies or care for dogs.

dog chick magnetWant to increase your chances of having her following your requests or commands? Lightly touch her on the arm when you’re asking her to dance or for her phone number! Researchers believe this signifies dominance and high status in men, which women find sexually attractive.

Fashion and grooming are aspects that women find attractive. Dress to impress, wear fitted clothing that is trendy for yourself. You have to put effort in how you look so women know you take care of yourself. Some girls like guys with a little stubble, but play it safe and shave and keep a clean cut. Women put effort into how they look when going out, so if you want women of similar caliber, then put some work into it.

Of course taking care of yourself also applies to your health and physique. Working on yourself where you’ve developed a shredded body shows you have discipline, strength and healthy genes. Working out also improves your body postures and helps you stand up straighter, which will make you more attractive.

confident-manThere are some things you can do now to display attractive and confident body language. Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest out, legs wide apart and arms to the side. You can also sit with legs apart and arms spread out. This body language displays dominance and is an attraction trigger. Men who showed these behaviors and used hand gestures were rated as hotter than men who had closed body positioning and arms folded. Take up space!

13. How To Attract Women

Attraction is a deep topic and there many ways to attract women. Here are four secrets of attracting women. We’ve covered some of these already, but they are worth going over again.

You don’t want to ever lie to a girl, unless you do in an exaggerated way where she know’s you’re kidding as a tease. Women appreciate honesty and genuineness because they rarely come across it these days.

Women also like a man who is kind and cares for others besides himself. When you have a passion and purpose in life and not just constantly chasing girls, girls will sense that and be drawn to you instead of being repelled by your neediness.

They love a man who is confident and assured of himself. He knows where he’s going and how to get there, and if he doesn’t, he will figure out a way no matter what. This is extremely attractive and will solve many of the problems to attract the women you want.

Beautiful WomanOne of the key elements of game is sparking attraction and there is a technique that does just that. It’s called breaking rapport. Don’t be like every other guy that is always nice and polite to her.

Stand out make her attractive to you by treating her like you would a bratty little sister and don’t be affected by her beauty and gender. You will be doing things like teasing her, disqualifying yourself or her from dating you.

14. How To Ask A Girl Out

You got the girl attracted and she is likes you. Awesome! Now how do you ask her out on a date without seeming too needy or creepy? Luckily for you, there is an easy and quick way to ask a girl out.

Display confidence and get straight to the point. You could go up directly to a girl, smile and say something like, “Hi, I just had to come over and introduce myself, otherwise I would have regretted for the rest of the day. My name is _____.” Shake her hand and exchange names. Usually, she will be flattered and be taken back by your ballsy and foreword approach.

guy asking girl outAfter you get her name, then say, “I’m actually in a rush to get somewhere, but would love to grab a drink sometime.” Gauge her response. If she isn’t receptive, you’ll either have to run more game for a bit and then go for the number close again or continue to hold the strong frame, be persistent while being non-reactive and light and playful. If she’s receptive, then say, “Great, take down my number.”

Telling her to grab your number is an easier compliance test than asking for her number for a couple reasons. First, you are giving her a command instead of asking which displays confidence and dominance, which is very attractive. Second, she will feel more comfortable grabbing your number because she can still “choose” to reach out to you if she changes her mind. Little does she know that you are a social jiu-jitsu artist.

As she is putting your number in her phone, tell her, “Cool, send me a text with your name.” You can also be a little playful and add, “Text me a funny, creative message so I’ll remember it easier.” You’re adding fun and acting higher status and she has to invest more for your attention.

Since you both already agreed to go out, she will subconsciously agree to your command. This is better than asking for her number because you’ve built up compliance so she will continue to is climb the “yes” ladder. Asking for her number from the start requires more compliance than giving her your number. This is the best way to get her phone number.

It’s also another command for her to follow and if you have a strong frame, she will become a part of it and do it. Another benefit is that now you know you have the right number because she texted it right in front of you. She also sent you the first text, so she is investing more in the interaction from the start. Done and done.

15. Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Sometimes you an also be more creative and fun in your approach to get a date with her. These are some interesting ways to ask her out. Some of these are pretty out there to just give you some examples and ideas to get started. They are mostly for entertainment purposes but can inspire you to do something fun.

Generally, keep it simple and be confident when you go for the date and get her phone number. It’s usually better to get the number on a high point of the interaction after gaming her for a bit.

Plan an activity that is around something you found out she enjoys. You can always do the safe generic party or drinks activity. If logistics are right and time allows it for both of you, you can go for an instant date!

instant dateIt’s not necessarily how you ask that is that important. Your game beforehand will do most of the work for you. If you’ve done everything right, she will be happy to go out with you. Sometimes she will even ask for your contact info first!

16. How To Ask A Girl Out In High School (and College)

There may a few of you guys starting early in the game that are unsure how to ask a girl out in high school. It’s not that different from anywhere else. All the principles of game and psychology still apply in high school.

Instead of cold approaching every girl though, it’s more of a social circle game. Everybody in high school knows everybody in some way is connected through some mutual friend or a few degrees of separation.

It’s best to befriend everyone you can and be social. Find common interests with both the guys and girls. Friendships are created through commonalities. Develop rapport and be talkative. Join some clubs, organizations or sports that interest you. You will have more fun and be introduced to more people and it will be easier to share a common ground.

boy asking out girl in high schoolSame thing applies to colleges, but social circles are a little more spread out and not as close. If you missed your chance in high school, you could practically start over again in college. You can even join a fraternity that has the best parties where there will always be hot girls.

Don’t worry about falling into any friend-zones. It’s more important that you become that social guy that everyone likes to be around with. You can easily get out of the friend-zone later by escalating and breaking rapport, or just use the friendship to your advantage to game her friends.

By having a lot of female friends, you will have preselection and girls will become more attracted to you. You will also learn to become comfortable around women and get better at talking with them.

If a girl in your class, club or group of friends catches your attention, approach her or get introduced to her by one of your friends. The warm introduction will help you tremendously

Once you are in a conversation with, start qualifying her. Talk about things besides school and build a connection with her. Find time to hang out with her outside of school and go from there.

17. How To Text Girls

Great, you got her number! Now what? Well if you’ve followed the instructions above, she should have texted you first, so you’re already to a great start.

Some key things to remember is to keep things light and playful over text. Use “lol” and “haha” sparingly to keep the mood up and not so serious. There are a few things you shouldn’t text her. Don’t have long, deep, emotional and especially no sexual conversations over text.

The phone number is just a tool to set up a plan to see her next time. It’s mainly used for logistical purposes. You can’t physically escalate over the phone. Save your game for when you meet her in person. You should have already developed enough attraction and rapport with her before you got her number to keep her engaged. You don’t need great text game if you’ve already gamed properly beforehand.

how-to-text-girlsSome general guidelines is that you should keep a 1:1 ratio or less of investment through texting. This means you should be texting as much as she is or less in terms of text length and frequency. The reasoning behind this is that whoever is texting more is investing more than the other person and is therefore “chasing”. You want to be the one that is being chased and pursued because you are a high value male.

There has been some “debate” on whether you should text or call her. There is no debate. Let’s put this case to rest now. Think about it this way. Most girls are busy and have their own lives going on. She may be busy, at work, in the shower, with her friends, her phone may be off or she is away from her phone.

If you call her and she doesn’t’ pick up, it shows up as a missed call on her end. That’s not good as you’re investing more than she is. If you leave a voicemail, you’ve dug yourself even deeper. Never leave a voicemail.

Instead of calling her, you should text her. She will be able to read it and get back to you. Most of your texts should end with a question so she is more likely to respond. Keep things relevant in the conversation flow, but don’t fall into a long conversation. If the conversation isn’t useful, you can give a short response to what she said to reward it and then cut the thread to something that starts leading up to the date.

The only exception where you can call her is if logistics are too complicated to discuss over text and you’re pretty sure that she is near her phone to answer it. For example, if she just sent you a text asking, “So where are we meeting?”, but you have a few things to take care of, time is short, or you need to figure out a few more logistical questions that would take too long over text, then you give her a call right away and sort logistics out. Keep things light and playful over the phone as well. Make it short and sweet and solidify the details.

18. How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Sometimes you want to flirt by texting to keep things fun and to the next level. This is especially true if she starts flirting with you first. This is a good sign and you should flirt back and forth to reward her. Flirting can consist of breaking rapport, teasing and even some sexual innuendos.

girl texting in bedRemember to not get too sexual, especially if you haven’t had sex with her yet. If you start sexting before you’ve had sex, she might get hot and bothered but you won’t be able to take advantage of that and physically escalate if you’re not with her or logistics are not right. Her buying temperature can quickly fade and hit rock bottom.

She will also think that all you want is sex with her when she reads the previous texts. She may have wanted it then, but women are emotional creatures and things can quickly change. Be strategic and strike when the iron’s hot.

Unless you plan on seeing her very soon and you’re confident that you will have sex with her based on logistics and her interest level, then don’t sext. It’s very high risk with high reward and requires careful calibration. It’s better to not be too sexual in the beginning over text.

19. Hot Girlfriend

You want a hot girlfriend? Chances are that you are holding yourself up to higher standards since getting into the game. If not, then you should be!

You’ve probably found out by now that it’s possible to obtain attractive women and not have to settle for less than what you deserve. You have most of the tools you need in order to do this. But how do you keep a hot girlfriend once you get her?

hot-girlfriend-lindsey-vecchioneYou need to remain non-needy and not have her as your life’s purpose. Having her as the center of your existence is the quickest way to kill attraction and repel her away from you. Continue to have a healthy social life and hang out with both your male and female friends. This will show abundance and you’re man of high social value and you can easily get another girl if she thinks about leaving.

Always have a strong frame and don’t let her ever or anybody else walk over you. If she breaks rapport with you, be non-reactive and break rapport back in a playful way or ignore her. Don’t shower her with compliments as she gets plenty of them on a regular basis. You can give her genuine compliments when they’re deserving and you mean it.

Do things nice for her occasionally because she is your girlfriend. Don’t be a pushover and do everything she asks for, but be kind and reasonable with her. You should also keep the investment between the two of you equal or have her slightly investing more than you. It’s an equal partnership and both of you should be emotionally invested reciprocally.

Finally, remember to have fun, do something different occasionally. Travel and create memorable experiences! This will create a stronger connection and keep things exciting and interesting for both of you.

20. Romantic Things To Say

Hopeless romantics…is there any hope for them? There’s nothing wrong with being romantic if you’re with a girl you truly care about or love. When you’ve been with a girl for a while and want to make her feel special, here are some of the most romantic things to stay to her.

Some of these are cheesy, but could be said early on in a joking way so she knows you are kidding. Even though girls like to hear these sort of things, it can sound creepy if she thinks you’re serious and you haven’t reached that level yet. If you say it in a joking way, she will laugh, but still get that romantic feeling on a subconscious level because you’ve still said it.

For example, if you’ve gamed her well and she’s getting very attracted to you and asks, “How many girls have you been with?” Then you could say in a exaggerated romantic voice, “Oh baby, you know you’re the only one for me…” and give a smirk. She’ll know you’re kidding because you’ve just met, but you’ve still reframed it in a funny way while making her to feel like that “she’s the only girl in the world.”

21. Romantic Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

When you have a special girl in your life, you want to do romantic things for her occasionally. Besides saying romantic things, you can do romantic gestures and make her feel good. There are a few uncommon romantic gestures that would make any girl melt.

Be unexpectedly affectionate with her in public. When you’re done eating dinner at your favorite restaurant with you girlfriend, you can get your dessert to-go so the two of you can eat it at home while watching a movie or favorite TV show.  She will definitely remember these and appreciate being with you. Use some of these to get her falling for you more or get some inspiration to do some of your own creative ideas.

22. Online And Tinder Dating

Women are everywhere, including on the internet. There is nothing better than meeting a woman face to face so you can run your game at the top level. However, there are times where you may be busy or don’t have much time to meet women out in the field.

You can use online dating sites to get the job done. It’s like having a marketing team working for you where you’re being advertised to women 24/7. It works great as long as your have your profile set up right and messaging techniques down. Most of thees sites have mobile apps where you can use them on the go as well.

Tinder dating appMy favorite dating app is Tinder. The app links to your Facebook profile so you can choose which of your Facebook pictures as your Tinder profile pics and you can even see if you have mutual friends with the girls on Tinder or share common interests.

You can view a bunch of women in your area based on the criteria you set, such as the age range and radius to search for them. You’re given a stack of profiles pictures to look at, and you can either swipe right to “like”,  left to “not like”, or tap on their picture to look at any other profile pictures and read a short bio if they have one. When you both like each other, you get matched and can start messaging each other.

It’s a pretty shallow app and most people don’t even look at the bio. They just make an instant decision based on their first impression, so it’s critical to have your profile set up right, especially your first picture.

Tinder is generally considered a hookup app based on the extreme superficial nature of it. It can get pretty addicting at first so you have to control yourself and use it sparingly when you have nothing else to do and not out actively gaming and meeting women.

23. Tinder Hookup

Are you on Tinder yet? If you aren’t, I suggest giving it a go. It’s easy and fast to set up and you can start swiping right away. It is possible to hookup on Tinder and get same night lays and even have her come straight to your place for the first meet. There are definitely some entertaining and funny Tinder hookup stories to get some ideas.

tinder-hookupsNow if you want to start hooking on Tinder, then listen up. As stated before, you only get one shot to make a good first impression, otherwise you’ll never see her again (unless you delete your Tinder profile and create a new one).

However, even though you can “start over” on Tinder, you still want to make effective use of your profile and time to get the most matches and opportunities for hooking up. The good news is that you can experiment with different techniques and profile setups to see which one is the best.

Some key guidelines that I follow that have gotten me hookups is from this great book, Conquer Tinder. First thing is that all your pictures should be of the same good quality. Don’t have any blurry low quality pictures. Your first picture should not be a group pic with you and your friends. Don’t make her do detective work to find out which one is you. Your first picture should have a clear view of your face smiling doing something fun or somewhere interesting, like an exotic location with a cool view.

The rest of your pictures should tell a story of your life in the best light possible, so she gets an idea of what you’re about. Have 1 picture with you and a hot girl or many girls. Don’t make it seem like she’s your girlfriend, but just show that you have preselection and women enjoy being around you. This will make her feel comfortable and more attracted towards you. She will be thinking, “If he’s got female friends in his life, he must be cool.”

preselectionYou can have a group pic later on with a group of friends as well to show you have a social life. Any pictures of you traveling and doing something unique and interesting that’s in your life will also be good. Make sure to smile in your pictures as well.

Make effective use of your time and swipe every girl to the right without bothering to look at their picture or profile. The reasoning is because women are bombarded with messages and matches everyday so they have to very selective. You can sort out the girls you don’t want to meet after you’ve matched with them.

However, with the recent update of Tinder, there is apparently a limit to the amount of swipes you have per day. You might have to be a little more selective, but don’t spend too much time looking at each girl.

Once you get some matches, send a short playful text that ends in some open-ended question to elicit a response. After she answers, keep things light and playful for a few messages. Move towards a plan to setting up a date and then grab her number by saying something like, “Not on Tinder much- what’s your number ?”

Text her as soon as you get the number so she knows it’s you and then follow through with logistics up to the date. If you want to get the official Tinder playbook and have all the secrets to start getting more hookups, then grab a copy of Conquer Tinder.

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24. How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Online

Ever heard of the first mover advantage? It’s a term that mainly refers to a marketing strategy where a company obtains a competitive advantage by entering the market first and getting a significant portion of the market share. In the gaming sense, the girl is the market. You need to make the first move and game her ASAP.

Very rarely will a girl message or reach out to you first. Top of all that, she is constantly being messaged by a bunch of guys so she has the luxury of just sitting back, sorting all the losers out and being very selective. Once you’ve optimized your profile, you need to send her a message. There are few things you can send in the first message.

online dating messagingIf you can make her laugh, you can get her attracted and get her interested. The same chemicals that are released when a girl laughs, are the same when she is attracted to a guy. Be observant and make a funny comment about her photos or description without offending her and she’ll respond positively.

You could also give a genuine compliment based on something interesting in her picture or profile or what she is wearing. Generally you should avoid super direct openers like “Hey Beautiful / Cutie / Sexy”, unless she initiates it first. If you can find something in common with her, mention it to spark a conversation more easily. Remember that good practice is to end your messages in a question to invoke a response.

25. How To Talk

You much of the tools to have a conversation. Let’s tie everything together and give you more a natural structure so people will always remember you when you meet them. Talking is crucial. Most people suck at it. Here’s how not to suck. Use some of these tips to talk about anything with anyone.

Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves, so get them talking about themselves! Don’t overshare or talk too much about yourself. You will be qualifying yourself and lowering your value. She will also start getting bored. She may be polite and listen, but most girls don’t care much bout you until they are attracted to you.

Listening is an important factor in communication. When you you’re qualifying them, she will give you clues and topics to talk about. Most sentences, on average, have at least 2 topics you can talk about. Latch onto to these topics to continue the natural flow.

Reward her for her response because she is investing, add a relevant statement and then ask another question. Soon you will become a virtuoso in the art of conversation.

Not only must you be aware of what they are actually saying, but also the non-verbal cues. How is her body language? Is she being friendly or aggressive in her tonality? You must calibrate to her behavior and adjust your game. If she is being aggressive, maintain your frame and neutralize it with your friendliness and non-reactiveness. Always be positive.

You can mirror her body language to build rapport, but it is more effective to show a little less interest than she is so she is investing more. Once she starts showing good behavior and invests more, you need to reciprocate and reward her proportionally with escalation by the amount of investment she has given.

man talking and flirting with womanYou now have all the tools you need to start meeting more beautiful women easily right now. This is all based on my experience and research that has been proven to give me results as well as others. I have used everything here to get girlfriends, casual hookups and have more successful relationships. Remember, knowledge without application is meaningless. Harness what you’ve learned now and go use it today or tonight!

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2 Replies to “25 Ridiculously Easy Things You Can Do To Achieve An Awesome Dating Life And Meet More Beautiful Women Anywhere, Anytime”

  1. Must be pretty tiring, writing your longest article. 😀 Took a while to read, but you know Will, it’s always worth it. 🙂 And as always I’ve got a question today as well. It’s about women’s mind. Are all women’s minds the same? You know there are so many kinds of women. For an example, rich and poor, nice women(if you say hi, she’ll say hi) and bitchy women(if you say hi, she’ll say fuck off), a teacher and a gangster(you know female crime lords?) and etc. The range is pretty vast. So, are all these women’s mindsets, mentalities the same or vary from each other? Because when I start gaming, I’ve got to meet every single kind of these women. So, do I have to treat all women the same way, or any different way of doing it? Hope you understood what I said. 😀

    • Thanks for the comment Dilusha. I’m glad you found it useful. To answer your question, the great thing about game, is that you can adapt to any woman. If a girl is a “bitch”, don’t apologize or deal with her shit, but remain non-reactive, be playful and break rapport with her. Check out my post on dealing with bitches.

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