15 Pickup Essentials That Will Make You More Attractive And Elevate Your Game

man bar flirtingPicking up women is a knowledge and skill set that anybody can learn. There are 2 main ways you can learn game to attract and seduce women. The primary way of learning game is through 1st hand experiences where you actually go out in the field and practice to get real life reference experiences. This is where learning and growth really becomes a part of you.

The secondary way of learning game is by 2nd hand experience where you hear or read about other people’s experiences out in the field and related theories. This is a good way for us to learn and helps speed up the learning process. The blog you are reading right now is an example of learning through 2nd hand experience.

Civilization and society has progressed exponentially due to our ability to learn and adapt through 2nd experience. It allows us to learn quickly without having to experience everything for the first time ourselves.

Business tactics and principles, as well as best health and wellness practices for exercises and nutrition and even relationship advice has evolved countless times over the years. It’s funny to see how vintage dating advice used to be back then… As you can see, our understanding of game and the psychology of attraction has changed quite a bit.

Game Fundamentals, Elements Of Attraction And Foundations Of Pickup

I’ve written about several game topics here on this blog that is applicable for the modern man. I’ve either used and discovered these through my experiences or experimented and applied other people’s theories.

I’ve also done research in evolutionary biology and psychology and find the connections for practical use in the real world. I see how everything relates to pickup and I’m constantly trying out new things to make sure I provide you the most up-to-date and effective information.

I write about random game topics from time to time that I find interesting and useful, but there are several key posts that are foundational to game that I’ve written over the years. Now is the time to organize them for you so it is easy to find and you can start applying them today.

Much of the posts I write nowadays usually tie in to at least one or more of these topics. Here is a list game topics that will help guys of any skill level to elevate their game. Some of these are also good review for guys who may be more advanced. I’ll be making a compilation list of some more advanced game topics in another post soon. I’ll update these lists as I create or find more valuable topics to include.

1. How To Approach Women

hot woman drinking martini

There are 2 main ways to meet women. You can do what is called a “cold approach” where you talk to a new girl you haven’t met before or you can get introduced to her through somebody else through their social circle or what is called a “warm approach”. Most people meet through their social circle. This is is the easiest way to meet new people because there is already trust and comfort established.

However, relying on the warm approach is a limiting way to meet new people. What if you see a girl you want to talk to but she is not connected to any of your social circles? How do you approach her then? Here are some ways you can meet women from the cold approach. You can even use tactics as conversation material throughout the interaction to build more rapport and get investment.

2. Investment Game | Qualification

What solidifies attraction? There are many ways to create attraction, but there is something more powerful to getting her to chase you. When we put time, effort and energy into something, we become more attracted to it and want to get something out of it.

You want to get her to invest in you. The more she invests towards you, the more of a return she wants on that investment. One of the ways you can get her to invest is by qualifying her and eliciting positive behaviors from her that are beneficial to you. This also gives you conversational material and helps you screen girls for what type of relationship you want, be it a girlfriend, one-night-stand, threesome, etc.

3. Spark Attraction | Breaking Rapport

If you find yourself getting friendzoned every time you talk to a girl, then you can easily change that by breaking rapport. Most guys try to be nice and build a lot of rapport with the girl, hoping that she will see how much of a great guy he is and she will want to be with him.

However, she deals with this boring banter on a daily basis so it just becomes background noise and doesn’t create any interest. Breaking rapport interrupts her pattern and causes some friction in the interaction. It’s not done in a mean way, but playfully and non-reactive. Here are some ways you can break rapport and spark that attraction.

4. Physical Escalation

How do you go from that friendly guy to someone who is sexual towards a girl? You must escalate! This is not something you do with your guy friends, but with someone you are attracted and want to have sex with. You can’t take things far if you don’t start building some physical contact with your touch. Build it up until you get to the kiss, and eventually take her home with you.sexy woman on couchSometimes you can speed things up a bit and skip a few steps if you are calibrated and go through the windows of opportunity she is giving you, but you need to start somewhere. Start early and allow her to get comfortable with your touch and escalate from there.

5. Always Having Something To Say | Art Of Conversation

Do you ever feel like things are going well at first when you are speaking with a girl, and then you’re not sure how to continue the interaction and she starts to get bored and leaves? This has happened to the best of us at some point in our lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to always have something to say and have an interesting conversation. You should already have an understanding of investment and qualifying the girl.

Everybody’s favorite topic is themselves so if you can keep her engaged and have her talking about herself, she will always want to keep the interaction going. You allow her to invest and chase you and she will feel good doing that because you are rewarding her for her good behavior. The added bonus about this is that it’s less work on your part and she will feel a deeper connection with you. You’ll find out the differences between a bad and a good conversation and how to always have a good conversation so you will be able to connect with any girl.

6. Dress To Impress

Man with fashion and style

This should be a no brainer, but having good fashion and presenting yourself in the best light is a must to increase your statistical odds of getting the girl. Knowing fashion and having a sense of style shows social intelligence and high self-esteem. You need to show that you care about your appearance and put effort into yourself. Showing off your best assets with style will generate attraction with women from the start. Dressing right is an example of outer game, but it will also increase your inner game and confidence naturally when you work on yourself.

7. Solidify Yourself In Set With The Introduction

Have you ever had a time where everything was going amazing with you and your girl, and then out of nowhere, her friends take her away? This can be very annoying when you’ve invested time and effort into your girl and she showing a lot of attraction and interest towards you. She may leave without saying anything and other times she may even put up some resistance against her friends but she eventually gives in peer or social pressure.

It’s obvious she likes you, so why are her friends taking her away? Simple. They don’t know you or your intentions so they don’t trust you. Most guys are creepy and uncalibrated. You need to show them that you are a friendly, social and cool guy who has good intentions. Once you solidify yourself in set with the introduction, they will feel comfortable with you so you can eventually isolate and escalate with your girl.

8. How To Use Your Voice | Tonality

The words you say are not nearly as important as how you say them. The majority of communication is non-verbal, which consists of your body language, how you hold eye contact, facial expressions, and even the tonality of your voice. The sub-communication of your voice has a much bigger impact than the words being said.

Learn how to control your voice to generate the most attraction with a girl. She needs to be able to feel the assurance in your voice and hear the underlying meaning of your words. You will be able to see a huge difference once you start applying this correctly. Don’t underestimate this.

9. Eye Contact

how to make eye contact with a girl

We know sub-communication is more important than the words being said, and eye contact is another big component of that communication. Holding eye contact displays confidence and holds people’s attention. They will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say when you are certain in who you are and how you carry yourself.

The uses of eye contact are so diverse. Some uses are to develop rapport with somebody, cause them to continue to invest when you stop speaking or create sexual tension. This is something you will get comfortable doing the more often you practice it so start now and start seeing the benefits.

10. Smile

Your smile is your secret weapon. It can disarm any possible hostility from anyone and it reframes everything as being playful and lighthearted. Some guys think they might be overdoing it when they smile, but the truth is that most guys are not smiling enough. Learn how to smile the right way and you will be able to befriend anybody and generate attraction with the hottest girl.

11. When To Kiss The Girl

hot girls kissing

There are windows of opportunity throughout your interaction with your girl where she subconsciously (or consciously) let’s you know she is ready or wants to be kissed. You can also create those opportunities yourself and start making moves, escalate and calibrate after the fact. There are ways to build compliance and test for cues she is ready to be kissed and go for it with little or no chance of rejection. Here is one of my favorite kiss close techniques that I use.

12. How To Create Sexual Tension

This is one of my favorite topics because it is so deep and powerful. Sexual tension is like an advanced form of flirting where you can turn the volume knob of attraction and she starts feeling your sexual energy. There are 4 main tools or strategies you can use to increase sexual tension. They are how you hold eye contact, use distance, use your voice and your touch. Master these and there is no woman who can resist your attractive presence.

13. Sex Location | Logistics

Having good game is not enough to get the girl. You need to have good logistics to seal the deal. Logistics are the constraints or assets you or your girl have that will bring you two to a sex location and close. You can’t have sex with the girl unless you are at a sex location. In fact, your game can be below average, but if you have some moderate level of attraction and comfort with good logistics, you can sleep with the girl. Get your logistics handled!

14. Last Minute Resistance

Sometimes you will run into LMR, or last minute resistance, when you are escalating at a sex location with your girl. Things are getting hot and heavy and then out of nowhere, she will ask you to stop! What gives?!

Forget about convincing her logically to sleep with you. It needs to be an emotional decision. Ideally, you will already have enough comfort and attraction so she won’t give you LMR. Your game will eventually become tight enough where you won’t get any LMR. However, if you do get LMR, there ways to get more emotional investment from her so she will feel comfortable sleeping with you.

15. 25 Ridiculously Easy Things You Can Do To Achieve An Awesome Dating Life And Meet More Beautiful Women Anywhere, Anytime

You want a compilation of some of the best and simplest ways to get more interactions, generate insane amounts of attraction and start having a more fulfilling dating life with beautiful women? Whether that would be on the streets, the clubs, online or wherever, there are methods and tactics to meet attractive women anywhere. Here are some of the most practical and effective techniques you can use to start creating and living the abundant lifestyle you want.

beautiful woman drinking wine with sophisticated man

I hope this list of essential game theories and tactics was useful to you. You need to have a solid base foundation to build any skill set and these will reach that next level or solidify your understanding of game concepts further. What are some things you found interesting, useful or might have surprised you on this post? Do you think there is anything else that should be added to this list? I’ll continue to be updating this list or expanding on another post that will help you guys get your game to the next level so I would love to hear what you have to say. Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. You relate to women as objects. Not very empowering neither for them nor for the guys who follow you. Grow up and connect to your higher self – if you understand what that means. Treat women the way you will want men to treat your mother, sister or daughter. Be a MAN!!!

    • Thanks for your comment. The reality is that we are all equals but many guys put women on a pedestal and try build rapport with them but then they don’t know or are apprehensive on how to make a move and show their intentions in a socially intelligent way that will make the woman feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. The first step is to acknowledge she is a human being that you are simply attracted to and you are a good man that is showing his attentions. Having basic flirting knowledge, building commonalities, and knowing how to sexually escalate is what connects people on a deep, emotional and intimate level.

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